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  1. Robin thinks that she and Randy have a connection (they can, like, talk about the nightclub industry) but their relationship hasn't crossed that boundary yet of getting more intimate. They playfully snuggle, while Jacquese and Cameran can't......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. Robin thinks that she and Randy have a connection (they can, like, talk about the nightclub industry) but their relationship hasn't crossed that boundary yet of getting more intimate. They playfully snuggle, while Jacquese and Cameran can't believe the two of them haven't even kissed yet. Randy explains that both he and Robin need a certain amount of attention from the opposite sex, but he's not looking to get into a relationship and he hopes that Robin won't hold that "no strings attached" edict against him at some point.

    Frankie asks her mom on the phone if she would "kill" her if she just came home. Her mom tells her to buck up; it's only four months out of her life. But Frankie worries that by coming to San Diego she screwed everything up. Frankie complains that she has no friends here and she's not like any of her roommates. Her mom reminds her that she's smart and can figure this out herself.

    Cameran notices that Frankie seems upset and depressed, so she invites her to come out with them tonight instead of sitting home and feeling "sorry for herself." Cameran probably could have done without adding that last bit because that comment makes Frankie storm off.

    While at the club, Frankie sees a guy that looks interesting and goes over to talk to him. What drew her eye to him? The inch gages he has in his ears, of course. You know, standard stuff. Frankie says it's nice to have someone she can connect with. Meanwhile, Robin is upset that Randy is shaking his bon bon with other girls. Randy gets pulled out of the club before he was ready to go and Robin lays into him, calling him a bad person, among other things.

    Randy is flawed (make that floored) by how Robin is reacting. Robin continues to insult him even when Brad tells her she better chill. Randy gets pissed and can't believe Robin has the audacity to insult him like that when he's been nothing but a good friend to her. He reminds her that he took a cab to pick her up from the clink and she just can't believe he didn't know she felt so deeply for him.

    Back at the house, the guys razz Randy for the situation he has gotten himself into. Jacquese theorizes that it had something to do with his famous "Boom Bazooka Joe" utterance. He also thinks that Robin wants to take the relationship to the next level, while Randy is hesitant to do that with a roommate.

    After the roommates watch Robin run around the house for a bit, the next thing they know, Robin is in Randy's bed. Randy decides to play it safe by sleeping in Cameran's bed since she's sleeping on the Love Sac. And the two lovebirds go to sleep without resolving any of their issues.

    The roommates decide to go out to a bar where a metal eight's cover band is playing. Jamie says they were warned that the bars in the Pacific Beach are very strict on IDs, but they decide to take a chance. Turns out Cameran and Jamie's IDs are snatched up right away. Cameran insists that the others go inside the club, but Randy insists that they pack up and go somewhere else where they can all get in. Robin takes this personally and thinks Randy just doesn't want to hang out with her, so she throws out a few more harsh words Randy's way.

    Robin gets out of the car and goes into the club with Frankie, while Randy is pissed that Robin is misunderstanding his reasons why he wants to leave the club. Frankie has a good time with Adam and she asks him to come back to the house to hang out.

    When Robin arrives home, Randy heads straight for his bed and hides. Meanwhile, Frankie is on the deck with Adam and when he asks her what she's going to do when she's done with The Real World, she says it depends on her sister and her boyfriend, who has (BTW) already said he wanted to split. Adam looks a little shocked that Frankie has a beau back home, but our guess is that this won't be the last we see of him. Frankie is glad that Adam's not a tool and sees a budding friendship with him.

    Robin skips over to Randy's bedroom and asks him why he's not talking to her. Randy is trying to establish to her that he's an independent person by being passive aggressive. "I'm trying to go to bed," he says. Not giving up, Robin tries to get into his bed, but her attempts are thwarted. He admits it's hard being tough on her like this, but he thinks it will prevent a big blow-up in the end. Smart man.

    Later on, Robin has dinner with Cameran and admits that she might have been clinging to something that wasn't there. She doesn't really like Randy anymore and doesn't know why she liked him in the first place. Blabbity, blah, blah. You know, the usual things that girls say when their romantic overtures are being rebuffed.