Real World 14

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about Real World 14

Sitting on the edge of Driscoll's Wharf overlooking the San Diego Bay, the San Diego cast resided in a custom designed 5,000 square foot house, formerly The Blue Crab Seafood Restaurant. This season was filled with steamy inter-cast romances (including Brad and Cameran and Robin and Randy), regular altercations with the police and other serious issues including self-mutilation. Ultimately, Frankie leaves the house and is replaced by a new roommate, Charlie. With the San Diego Bay at their fingertips, this year's cast embarks and disembarks regularly, working as crew members for Next Level Sailing. Before assuming their day-to-day duties, which included preparing the yachts for excursions, piloting the yachts in San Diego Bay, and routine maintenance at day's end, the cast had to undergo a hands-on crash course in the art of sailing, manning the wheel, winches, and navigating some of the fastest mono-hull sailing vessels in the world. With well over one hundred inhabited islands, historic sites, and the finest sailing in both the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, a vacation in Greece was a perfect compliment to the roommate's Real World experience. But even with the beauty of the Greek Isles surrounding them, the cast's dream vacation ended in tears and fights.