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  1. Ace is a genuine, charismatic Southern boy. A senior marketing major at Georgia Southern University, Ace is currently in his sixth year of college. The eternal frat boy, he is in no hurry to grow up. As co-owner of three college bars, this young and...   Read More

  2. Adam grew up surrounded by the good life in Beverly Hills. His mother provided a stable home environment while his father, an R & B musician, was away touring. Adam is a man who is always on the go. Friends and family compare him to the...   Read More

  3. Chris (aka CT) is a hard-working young man currently pursuing a degree in Business Management at the University of Massachusetts. Besides going to school, CT works full-time at night as a bartender at a nightclub near his college. He believes there...   Read More

  4. Christina is a high-energy criminal justice graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The child of a biracial relationship (her mother is Korean and her father is German), Christina is drawn to diversity in her life. With a stepfather in...   Read More

  5. Leah, a Long Island, New York native, has the world at her fingertips. Preferring the finer things in life, she has a love of shopping and expensive name brands. Fashion is a high priority for her and having just graduated from the University of...   Read More

  6. Mallory is a statuesque, athletic 19-year-old in her freshman year at Iowa State. With her parents pushing her to achieve in sports, Mallory is struggling with what others expect of her and her desire to explore life outside of athletics. Eager to...   Read More

  7. A native to Ireland, Simon lives at home and goes to high school in a small village about an hour outside Dublin. His family's acceptance of his sexuality has allowed Simon to live an openly gay life. Since he was 16, Simon has spent his weekends...   Read More