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  1. AltonAlton

    Monica Morant

    Strikingly handsome Alton loves rock-climbing, playing the violin, and everything having to do with the outdoors. Alton has a contagious energy and unerringly positive outlook on life. Underneath this cheery façade, however, Alton harbors a great...   Read More »

  2. ArissaArissa

    Monica Morant

    "A tough girl with a heart of gold" is how friends and family describe Arissa. Blessed with brains and beauty, this half-black, half-Italian firecracker will literally give you her last dollar if you need it; but she'll also gladly give a kick in...   Read More »

  3. BrynnBrynn

    Monica Morant

    A stunning blonde and self-described party animal, Brynn hails from a small town in Washington State. However, hers is anything but the conventional American picket-fence upbringing. Brynn is not the type to mince words. She says what she means when...   Read More »

  4. IrulanIrulan

    Monica Morant

    Born to a white mother and a black father, Irulan was loved deeply and unconditionally by both parents, and recalls an idyllic early childhood. When she was six, her father became very ill, dying one year later. Irulan and her mother leaned on one...   Read More »

  5. FrankFrank

    Monica Morant

    Born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, Frank had all the advantages of a traditional nuclear family. While his father ran the local family-owned pizza parlor, his mother was a stay at home mom, always on hand with a kitchen full of snacks...   Read More »

  6. StevenSteven

    Monica Morant

    The very picture of all-American charisma and good looks, Steven is more than meets the eye. While Steven is straight and very comfortable with his sexuality, he supported himself in business school working as a topless bartender in a popular Texas...   Read More »

  7. TrishelleTrishelle

    Monica Morant

    Notoriously charming and beautiful, Trishelle was raised in a small, ultra-conservative town in the bayou of Louisiana. Her mother, a devout Christian, was a pillar of the community and took her family to church three or four times a week. When...   Read More »