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  1. Andre is a true musician, working desperately to turn his art into a full-fledged career. He is the prototypical Gen-X guy without a day job but with a dedication to his craft that is as strong as any career businessman. He likes to take it easy but...   Read More

  2. At 24, Becky is at a crossroads in her life. She is somewhere between the youthful exuberance that made her decide to try her hand as a folk singer and the maturity that has her searching for a grown-up relationship. She knows she wants to do lots...   Read More

  3. Eric is a charismatic young model straight out of Jersey. A guy with a troubled past, Eric deals regularly with trying to do the right thing and trying to make it in New York while still having a good time. In addition to modeling, Eric, who has...   Read More

  4. A hip-hop artist with the group Boogie Down Productions, Heather B is on the verge of "blowing up." Although she says that she wasn't doing much before getting on The Real World, her life suggests otherwise. During the season, she spends a...   Read More

  5. Eighteen years old and straight out of Birmingham, Julie is leaving Alabama for the first time ever. The youngest of the cast, it's also her first time in New York and her first real experience as an adult. Julie's innocence, engaging personality...   Read More

  6. Kevin is a poet, writer and educator struggling to overcome many of the issues facing African American men in 1992. He has strong beliefs and is more than willing to argue the point with his loft-mates. At the same time, he is sensitive to their...   Read More

  7. Artist Norman is the lone gay cast member in the loft. His sexual orientation takes center stage a few times during the season when he develops a serious relationship and has to deal with the issues that arise. A free spirit, Norman does what he...   Read More