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  1. The Real Worlders' time together is dwindling and the roommates are trying to savor every moment before they must go their separate ways. To ensure they make the most of the time they have left, the gang goes to see the band Augustana in concert......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Life coach Awesome Anne returns


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  1. The Real Worlders' time together is dwindling and the roommates are trying to savor every moment before they must go their separate ways. To ensure they make the most of the time they have left, the gang goes to see the band Augustana in concert and have a great time hanging out.

    Reflecting on the past two weeks, Arissa tells Frank that she has no regrets about the reunion, even though it got off to a rocky start for her. Frank admits that all his partying has finally caught up to him and he's ready to leave. Arissa and Frank wonder how they all managed to survive five whole months together, considering how exhausted they are after only two weeks!

    Steven remains bitter towards Alton about his off-color comment last week and says he doesn't intend to stay in touch with Alton after they leave Las Vegas. The next day, as the gang is hanging around, there's a knock on the door and it's Awesome Anne, the life coach that worked with the group five years ago. She has come to give these Real Worlders a final therapy session, but no one seems very into it.

    Mid-session, Alton becomes uncomfortable about putting himself out there emotionally and acting all "touchy-feely" around his ex-girlfriend Irulan. He leaves The Real World suite, admitting that he's still healing from their rough breakup. Awesome Anne's assistant talks to Alton and convinces him to come back and join the group.

    Awesome Anne tries to get the reunited roomies to participate in an exercise where they have to tell one another what they think that person is holding back. Immediately, they all object to partaking in such an openly negative exercise, so Anne takes it upon herself to go around and individually tell each Real Worlder what she thinks is holding them back. Most of them find Anne's advice to be bogus -- she doesn't even know them! To top off the therapy session, Anne has the roomies pair off and compliment each other. Ironically, Irulan and Alton are paired together and the ex-lovers approach the exercise as a form of closure to their shaky relationship.

    After the group disperses, Awesome Anne approaches Alton and confronts him about why he left the room and gives him a personal pep talk. Alton eventually fesses up to the fact that Irulan left him so scarred from their breakup that he's afraid to open up to his new girlfriend. Their conversation also leads Alton to tell Anne about his altercation with Steven, but he plays the situation off as nothing and tells her everything is fine between them.

    The roommates spend the rest of the afternoon chilling by the pool enjoying each other's company. While everyone is toasting their friendship, a herd of angry bees swarms in and Brynn gets stung! Brynn flips out about the bee sting, so Trishelle calls her a hypochondriac while the rest of The Real World roommates take turns trying to make her feel better.

    That night, the owner of The Palms arranges a goodbye bash at Moon for the Reunited gang, red-carpet style! All dress up, they head out for their red-carpet debuts. Everyone -- except Trishelle, of course -- feels slightly awkward as they walk the red carpet and photographers snap pictures left and right. Inside, they dance the night away one last time. Despite all the drama that happened over the past two weeks, the reunited roomies have the best time partying it up during their last night in Vegas.

    Everyone spends the next day solemnly packing up their things and reminiscing about the time they spent together. They all seem ready to go, but know they will miss each other once they're separated. Alton is the first to say goodbye to his Real World roommates. Brynn's husband and sons knock on the door next, and she is eager to return to her normal life -- she even admits she's looking forward to doing laundry!

    As Arissa and Irulan say their goodbyes, they each recount how thankful they are for this experience. The past two weeks have not only allowed them both a chance to grow and mature but it also allowed them to move past their riffs and rekindle their friendship.

    And then there were three, as Frank, Trishelle and Steven are the last to leave. Frank and Steven agree that the experience has been everything they both wanted it to be, even though Steven can't seem to remember much of it! Trishelle is sad because she knows in her heart that this is probably the last time these seven Real World cast members will all be together. And with that thought, she waves goodbye to Frank and Steven and heads to the airport. Adios, Las Vegas!