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  1. Alton, Steven and Frank enjoy a sunny afternoon lounging by the pool, casually flirting with their waitress. Steven cracks some racy jokes and comments on how he's been known to make racist jokes every now and then. He says he enjoys making racist......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The Vegas roomies try their luck in the casino and Alton drops some racial slurs that send Steven reeling.


About Episode

  1. Alton, Steven and Frank enjoy a sunny afternoon lounging by the pool, casually flirting with their waitress. Steven cracks some racy jokes and comments on how he's been known to make racist jokes every now and then. He says he enjoys making racist jokes about white people, like calling the waitress a "cracker," because it's funny since he's white. This doesn't seem to bother Alton, and Steven says he's surprised at how close the reunited guys have become, considering he and Alton weren't really friendly five years ago while on The Real World: Las Vegas. That night the reunited roomies head over to The Mint, a high-roller lounge at The Palms. When they enter, a card dealer meets them with a surprise. All seven Real Worlders will participate in a winner-takes-all competition! Each player starts with $1,000, courtesy of The Palms, and they have two hours to gamble their money however they want. The catch is that the person who wins the most cash gets to take everyone else's earnings! The race is on as they each strategize about the best way to not only save their own money but to make sure they take everyone else's too.

    As they head down to the casino, Alton suggests that instead of winner takes all, they should split their winnings among all seven players. Steven immediately objects, and Alton jokingly blames Steven's greediness on him being "white and Jewish." This intentionally harmless comment sends Steven off the deep end, even though he's not Jewish, and sparks an argument between him and Alton. Steven accuses Alton of being a racist while Alton tries to calm Steven down by saying it was meant to be a joke. Still, Steven can't shake his anger.

    In the casino, the group splits up to test their luck. Frank decides to lounge around for the first hour so that everyone else can lose their money. Steven, who starts playing blackjack with Trishelle, complains again about Alton's comment. Meanwhile, Irulan is the first to lose her cash -- in just 30 minutes! She says she'd rather lose it all to the casino than see one of the other Real Worlders walk away with her money! Steven seems to be the only lucky one when he doubles his hand and ends up winning $1,000! He tries to keep his lucky streak a secret from everyone, but Frank and Trishelle see him win.

    After hanging back for the first hour, Frank decides to bet all of his money on one hand and -- surprise, surprise -- loses it all. Trishelle is the next to watch her money disappear as she loses at a hand of blackjack. Alton is having beginner's luck, and when he cashes in his chips he ends up gaining around $400, leaving Brynn and Steven the only two left in the competition.

    Brynn and Steven end up at a craps table, and they are both equally clueless about how to play the game. It seems as though Steven is haphazardly throwing in his chips, but secretly he knows he has plenty of dough! When Brynn realizes his coy little trick, she decides to risk it all. The tension is palpable as the whole gang waits for the roll of the dice. Tonight, luck is on Brynn?s side and she doubles her money!

    Back at The Mint, the dealer counts up everyone's chips. Even though she was super excited about her big win, Brynn is disappointed to learn Steven won the competition with $2,000, just $70 more than her. Being the nice guy that he is, Steven insists that Brynn keep her money, claiming he "could never take money from a mom." Brynn is hesitant to accept Steven's generosity because he won the competition fair and square, but Steven won?t have it any other way. Unfortunately for Alton, the mom card doesn't apply to him, so he must surrender his cash to Steven.

    Alton then confronts Steven about their earlier altercation, and Steven tries to drop the discussion. However, at dinner with Frank and Trishelle, Steven can't seem to get it off his mind, and Trishelle agrees that he has good reason to be angry. Meanwhile, Irulan, Brynn and Arissa discuss Alton's comment amongst themselves. Irulan surprisingly defends Alton, saying he sometimes has trouble controlling what comes out of his mouth but he is by no means a racist.

    Alton makes one last attempt to settle things with Steven, admitting that he may have crossed the line with his comment. Somehow Alton's apology ends up slapping Steven in the face and the guys look like they are going to get into a physical confrontation about the incident. But Alton storms off, deciding Steven isn?t worth it. Meanwhile, Steven doesn't seem to be phased by the strife, calling Alton a "lying fraud." Looks like the Reunited girls aren't the only ones who fall victim to inter-roommate drama!