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  1. After some old wounds were mended last week, the crew from Reunited: The Real World Vegas is back and ready to party hard at The Palms. Trischelle has kept her word to Brynn to throw her a second bachelorette party. Irulan likes this idea because......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The group throws parties for Brynn and her hubby and both Irulan and Arissa threaten to leave The Palms.


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  1. After some old wounds were mended last week, the crew from Reunited: The Real World Vegas is back and ready to party hard at The Palms.

    Trischelle has kept her word to Brynn to throw her a second bachelorette party. Irulan likes this idea because it's a way for all of the girls to celebrate Brynn's marriage, since they didn't get to the first time around.

    Meanwhile, Alton and the rest of the guys think that if Brynn gets to have a second bachelorette party, why shouldn't they be able to do the same for Austin? The boys decide it's only fair he gets a Real World bachelor party and they set about making plans.

    To make Brynn's party as exciting as possible, Trischelle and Irulan go shopping in downtown Vegas at the Adult Superstore. Among their purchases are various kinky sex toys to give Brynn, including some nipple-cuffs, an apron sporting the phrase, "This Bitch Doesn't Need to Cook" and, of course, a feather boa.

    Back at the suite, while the girls are primping for their girl's night out, Frank and the rest of the guys are getting pumped for a "dude's night."

    The girls reserved a room called the Crib Suite to host their party, and they begin their celebration by giving Brynn her "gifts." So far, everything seems to be going smoothly as the girls relax and enjoy some drinks together.

    For the guys, Alton hooked them all up with the Hardwood Suite, complete with its own personal basketball court! Of course, it wouldn't be a bachelor party if there weren't hot girls bartending for them, and there is a quartet of beautiful drink slingers on hand. When the guys decide they want to play a little round of basketball, the bartenders surprisingly challenge them to a game of four-on-four.

    To raise the stakes, the girls bet that if they win, they get to keep the suite for the night. Now, the guys are not only playing for fun, but also to make sure they have a place to continue their bachelor celebration! Alton, Frank, and Austin seem to take the bet lightly, but Steven seems genuinely concerned that they are going to get their butts kicked by a bunch of girls. Alton, Frank and Austin really have no skills, according to Steven, and their night's future is resting on his shoulders to beat the girls.

    Back at the bachelorette pad, the girls get a knock on the door from none other than two male strippers dressed as hotel staff. What's a bachelorette party without the sexy male entertainment?

    Meanwhile, the basketball game in the Hardwood Suite is getting pretty heated. Just when it seems like our Real World stars are going to be stripped of their dignity, they somehow manage to pull through and beat the lady bartenders 5 to 2. Thankfully, they get to keep the suite, so the party, and heavy drinking, continues.

    Back in the Crib Suite, just as Brynn is in the middle of getting a lap dance from the male strippers, there is another knock on the door. Two more male strippers appear, followed by a female stipper. Now, there are no less than five strippers for only four guests at the party! Needless to say, the Real World girls are spoiled with attention and showered with lap dances.

    After the show is over and the strippers leave, the girls reminisce about their crazy night. Brynn is really thankful that her friends put in so much effort to make the night so great. She even thinks that her second bachelorette party "took the cake" over her first. To seal the party, Trischelle shows off pole-dancing skills she learned for a movie role, treating the girls to a private show before heading over to see what the guys have been up to.

    Arriving at the Hardwood Suite, all their speculation about how wild and crazy the guys would be are kicked to the curb. Instead of debauchery, they discover it's just four men, drinking and hanging out with each other, "doing dumb guy stuff."

    Frank appears to be the most intoxicated and when he spits some water at Irulan, it quickly sends her over the edge. During her wild goose chase for revenge on Frank, Irulan trips and bruises her knee pretty badly. In an effort to help, Alton tries repeatedly to console Irulan, but she makes it very clear that she does not need his assistance and turns down all of his offers to help.

    Back at in the apartment, Irulan and Alton bicker about what happened with Frank. Once again, Alton tries to calm her down but she's just too wired up about Frank's "gleek" shot. Their conversation ends with Irulan storming out of Alton's room and hysterically calling the Real World producer, claiming she wants to go home. The best she can do is get some time alone, so she leaves the suite.

    In the meantime, Frank hasn't stopped his party. He's been busy getting down and dirty with some new random girl and clumsily brings her back to the apartment for more drinks. After the two are done downing more shots, they head back to the bar, leaving the apartment a complete mess.

    Arissa comes home to discover Frank's mess and becomes hysterical about how reckless and irresponsible the guys are. Steven denies being involved with making the mess and when Arissa automatically blames Frank, it's clear that issues from five years ago haven't been forgotten. In order to avoid more conflict, Arissa decides to catch a minute alone and leaves the suite for the night, debating whether she should stay at the reunion any longer.