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  1. AltonAlton

    Ethan Miller

    With his striking physique -- and eagerness to show it off -- Alton easily earns his rep as a lady's man. Alton's boundless energy and positive outlook on life is contagious, and he's been known to be a source of inspiration to people around him....   Read More

  2. ArissaArissa

    Ethan Miller

    Arissa is a tough cookie with a heart of gold, and beauty and brains to boot. But beware because, as a self-proclaimed hothead, Arissa's never one to shy away from drama or back down from a fight. Despite that, though, she's deeply...   Read More

  3. BrynnBrynn

    Ethan Miller

    A pretty party animal from Washington, Brynn says what she means and does whatever she pleases. With her razor-sharp wit, Brynn doesn't mince words and doesn't back down. With an upbeat attitude and her love of a good time, she's often the center of...   Read More

  4. FrankFrank

    Ethan Miller

    With his Abercrombie good looks, Frank always wows the women. But sometimes this small-town Pennsylvania boy is too sugary sweet for his own good, and the girls just slip through his fingers. Always quick to crack a joke, Frank makes friends easily...   Read More

  5. IrulanIrulan

    Ethan Miller

    Strong, independent and breathtaking, Irulan is a straight shooter who isn't afraid of a little confrontation. Born to a white mother and a black father, Irulan is extremely artistic and open-minded.

    When she first arrived at The Real World...   Read More

  6. StevenSteven

    Ethan Miller

    When you picture an all-American guy, he probably looks a lot like Steven. Cute, charming and a veritable chick magnet, the Texas native is both fun-loving and serious. Steven's sense of humor has helped him overcome many obstacles in his life, like...   Read More

  7. TrishelleTrishelle

    Ethan Miller

    Don't let Trishelle's good girl facade fool you. The smoldering Southern belle from Louisiana has a wild streak, and has been known to get into trouble (and threesomes).
    Charismatic and beautiful, Trishelle was raised a devout Christian and often...   Read More