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    As soon as these seven strangers move into their amazing apartment overlooking Darling Harbour in Sydney, the catfights, drunken nights and hot tub hookups ensue!...  Read Full Summary

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  1. All 8 roommates are back and ready to talk about everything that went down in the Down...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Before the boxes can be packed and the tearful goodbyes can be shared, there is one...  Read Full Summary »


  3. As the roommates' time in Australia winds down, Alex (the third leg of the...  Read Full Summary »



  1. After 19 seasons of hook ups, fights and everything in between it's about time the roommates get some recognition! Get ready for the awards with video and photos of the nominees.

  2. Randy and Melissa count down the top five most unbelievable make-outs in Real World history.

  3. Gear up for loads of Valentine's Day lovin' with this raunchy collection of some of the boldest, lustiest, nakedest moments on A Shot at Love, Real World, and more. Get ready to sweat!

  1. Ever regretted a hook-up? Relate to Kellyanne's pregnancy scare? Being in control and making smart choices in your life - and that includes choices about sex - is what 'Think: It's Your (Sex) Life' is all about.

  2. Think America wants to see you living? Head on over to our casting call to find out how you can be on the next Real World.

  3. Real World Sydney is just around the corner! Take a good look at RW's newest seven strangers before all of the drama starts Down Under.

  1. What Do You Think?What Do You Think?

    The season may be over but this doesn't mean the end of the roomies. If it was up to you, which Real World: Sydney cast member would you like to see in the next challenge?

  2. The Real World: Sydney: Photo FlipbooksThe Real World: Sydney: Photo Flipbooks

    Want to take a glimpse at the Sydney season's hottest moments? Check out photos from the episode right here.

  3. The Real World has headed down under and the house is done-up Sydney style. Take at the new pad right here.

  1. Get acquainted with the AE/MTV short-form series 'It's A Mall World' (During 'The Real World: Sydney'). Watch the hilarious trailer, meet the cast and check out new behind-the-scenes clips and photos every Wednesday!

  2. Blair, Svetlana, Randy and other RW vets give you an inside look at the seven strangers hitting Sydney, Australia.

  3. Check out the Sydney trailer right here.

  1. Randy and Melissa count down the top five most unbelievable make-outs in Real World history.

  2. It's time for a brand-new season of The Real World! Seven strangers have headed overseas and halfway around the world to Sydney, Australia, for a season full of new friendships, hookups, heartbreaks and, of course, plenty of drama, drama, drama!

About Real World: Sydney

  1. G'day, mates! Are you ready for another drama-filled season of The Real World? You know the drill: seven strangers are picked to live in a house. But this time everything will be turned upside down, literally, when this batch of Real Worlders lands Down Under in Sydney, Australia!

    Ah yes, Sydney -- best known for its cuddly koalas, perfect pints, beautiful beaches and, now, drama, drama, drama! As soon as these seven strangers move into their amazing apartment overlooking Darling Harbour, the catfights, drunken nights and hot tub hookups ensue! If you thought the last season of The Real World was insane, you won't believe what Sydney has in store!

    So just who are these seven strangers living it up in Sydney? Well, there's Trisha, a sharp-tongued party girl who received a "promise ring" from her parents on her 12th birthday signifying that she wouldn't have sex before she was married. Trisha hasn't quite kept that promise, but she is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend Jarod. Then, there's country boy Cohutta, who builds log cabins for a living. He feels like a fish out of water in a big city like Sydney, but he's eager to experience what life is like outside of a small town.

    Bad boy Isaac was once on probation for robbery, so he sees being picked for The Real World: Sydney as a new beginning. But don't let his rugged persona fool you. Deep down, Isaac is an artistic ladies' man. Enter sexy Shauvon, who immediately catches Isaac's eye. This sex columnist just got out of a long-term relationship and she's ready to sample everything that Sydney has to offer!

    Flirtatious KellyAnne is used to being the center of attention, and when things don't go her way she's willing to be sneaky -- no matter what the consequences. And that's exactly why Southern boy Dunbar might be in trouble. Dunbar has been in a committed relationship with his girlfriend Julie for a year, the longest he's ever gone without cheating. He thinks Julie might be the girl he's going to marry ... but not if KellyAnne has anything to say about it! Meanwhile, brainy Parisa also sets her sights on Dunbar. Love triangle anyone?

    On their first night together, KellyAnne gets tipsy and goes wild, sending up red flags for The Real World housemates and leading Parisa to fear they'll be "babysitting" for the next four months. Then when KellyAnne and Dunbar are the first to hit the hot tub, Parisa knows she's in for a bumpy ride. There's immediately an "us vs. them" mentality in the house, as the roomies pair off and take sides. But what will they do when they have to work as a team at their new job?

    Thought you'd seen it all? Wrong! The Real World: Sydney is sure to be the cattiest, most controversial, drama-filled season yet! Here's to Australia, mates!