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  1. Getting ready for tourists, Ashli, Parisa and Isaac are getting' down and rapping in the Real World house's music studio. The group tours are coming up, and the trio is hoping to win their way to Europe with song -- after all, it's the little......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The roommates have their two-day tours of Sydney for Contiki but constant problems between Dunbar, KellyAnne and Cohutta have them fearing for their chances to win the Europe trip.


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  1. Getting ready for tourists, Ashli, Parisa and Isaac are getting' down and rapping in the Real World house's music studio. The group tours are coming up, and the trio is hoping to win their way to Europe with song -- after all, it's the little touches that matter most.

    Meanwhile, Cohutta's calling the Contiki boss lady with a bit of bad news. He can't walk due to a busted ankle, and he needs to go to the doctor. It's been three days and the situation has gotten worse, so as much as Cohutta hates taking trips to the doctor, he's got to face the facts.

    At Contiki, the rest of the team saddles up to put the finishing touches on their itineraries. The group is lights on tomorrow, and the boss warns them that they have to be professional -- no crazy drinking allowed.

    The next morning, the group heads out leaving Cohutta behind. KellyAnne's nervous about being late, but Dunbar's made sure she's arrived half an hour ahead of time. At the other team's bus, Isaac is gearing up to take their tourists Down Under. While Isaac's bus is psyched and having fun on the tour, crickets are playing on KellyAnne and Dunbar's tour. Dunbar's skeptical about winning the trip to Europe, but when Cohutta comes in with crutches, he pumps up his roommates and tells them they can win.

    But, as the day progresses, it looks as though things aren't getting any better for KellyAnne, Cohutta and Dunbar... especially when KellyAnne hears that Dunbar's spread word of her and Cohutta's sleeping habits. While she tells Dunbar it's unprofessional, he argues that the group will like Cohutta more now.

    Moving out to a bar, KellyAnne and Dunbar hope to stir up some fun and pound a few drinks with their group. But, when their boss notices that they've had more than their fare share, she pulls the two outside and tells them that they've far exceeded the 'one drink at dinner' rule. She sends the two Real World kids home, saying that they're under the influence.

    Back at the house, Dunbar and KellyAnne tell the roommates that their tour went well. But, the roomies quickly start doubting their story and decide to crash at the Observer. Meeting up with their tour, Isaac, Noirin and Ashli show up to the bar to investigate the situation. Isaac decides to win Dunbar's tourists over, buying them shots and persuading them to give Dunbar, KellyAnne and Cohutta low scores on their evaluation cards.

    Getting ready for day 2, Cohutta is none too pleased when he hears that KellyAnne and Dunbar were sent home the night before. As he sees it, if he's able to hobble around on crutches, they can hold off on drinking for two days.

    Things only get worse as the day progresses. When Dunbar learns that the video tape's battery is on low, he confronts KellyAnne about leaving the recorder on all day -- in front of their group. Then, when the tourists are asked to write about members of their group, one girl decides to make a comment about the size of Dunbar's bits and pieces. After he snaps at her, KellyAnne calls him aside, telling him he can't talk to clients that way. Dunbar fires back, saying he organized the whole tour and shouldn't be disrespected. At this point, Cohutta clues in on the bickering and tells them to cool off until they're home in an hour. KellyAnne takes offense, telling Cohutta not to talk to her anymore.

    In the bathroom, KellyAnne tells Cohutta that he was wrong to call her out at the restaurant. While Cohutta says KellyAnne was the one who called him aside, KellyAnne explains that she needed to put Dunbar back in his place.

    On presentation day, the seven strangers talk to the Contiki heads about their tours. Although Cohutta does his best to woo the room with his charm, Team Isaac, Ashli and Parisa take in the win -- a trip to Europe!

    Back at the house, Dunbar approaches KellyAnne about their fight. He says he wants to listen to her, but KellyAnne's hesitant to give feedback. Dunbar apologizes for his behavior and KellyAnne feels a little bit better after telling her roommate why he's an ass. Smiling and laughing, it looks like the two are finally getting along.