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  1. Trisha whirls the phone cord around her finger. Her boyfriend, Jarod, is on the other end of the line. They speak for a while, constantly interrupted by the sound of the call-waiting tone. It's Parisa's mother. As minutes go by, the ringing won't......  Read Full Episode Summary »


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  2. After two altercations over use of the house phone, Parisa and Trisha's problems finally come to a boil.


About Episode

  1. Trisha whirls the phone cord around her finger. Her boyfriend, Jarod, is on the other end of the line. They speak for a while, constantly interrupted by the sound of the call-waiting tone. It's Parisa's mother. As minutes go by, the ringing won't stop, forcing Trisha to end her call early. Trisha stomps in to the kitchen, informing Parisa that her mother kept calling a ridiculous amount of times. Parisa, angered by the disrespect Trisha has shown towards her mother, calls her out on her attitude. But, when questioned over her pugnacious persona, Trisha calmly states that she hasn't spoken to her family in five days, but they still do not call over and over again. On another note, her boyfriend Jarod is the best man of a wedding and he won't be able to speak to Trisha for three days; she must speak with him. So, who's going to be queen of the phone on the Real World? There seems to be no way that these two can settle their differences without ripping each other's throats out!

    Dunbar sits outside, sipping wine by himself. He misses Julie, his girlfriend. Ever since she came and went from the Real World house, Dunbar's life has been in shambles. He slowly slips inside the house and calls Julie. No answer. He calls again and she quickly answers. Why didn't she answer the first time? He says she's being suspicious. Julie laughs; she had forgot that her purse was out front of her place, housing her phone inside. Dunbar thinks it's only an excuse. When his girl calls him "dummybear" as a cutesy name, Dunbar commands to never be called that. The tone of her voice had sincerely been loving and sarcastic, is now being viewed as offensive in Dunbar's eyes. The argument quickly escalates to snarls and barks. He wants to be respected so much that she ends up hanging up on him.

    That night, Ashli and Dunbar go out on the town. They find a club and hightail it inside. After a couple of drinks and danceable songs, the two get closer and closer. Ashli thinks that Dunbar sure does act like he is single sometimes. As they stumble in the house later that night, she's very curious as to what goes on inside that brain of his. Ashli asks Dunbar if he would spoon KellyAnne and her at the same time. The conversation progresses from there. Dunbar, commenting on how he would think about the girl he loves, totally breaks the mood. Ashli secretly tells us that if Dunbar knew he wouldn't get caught, Ashli's clothes would already be all over his floor.

    Cleaning time! The whole gang cleans the house, wanting a pristine house for any guests that may come over. When Parisa finally gets off the phone, Trisha asks her to join in. She will as soon as she finishes exercising. This is exactly why Trisha says she isn't close with Parisa. She cannot stand a messy girl who neglects to help the group. Parisa, seeing that the hatred towards her isn't over cleaning, but the fact that they are looking for reasons to call her the bad guy, confirms her feelings of apathy. Parisa is done with them.

    Dunbar is in a bind. He calls up Julie and tells her never to hang up on him again.. He asks her never to cry again, for it hurts him more tan it does her. He has an odd way with words, and in the end he works his way back in with Julie. But, what happens next doesn't add up with his words. Dunbar cuddles with Ashli at night, etching her back with his fingertips. Obviously, this seems to be much more horrific to a relationship then being called "dummybear".

    This phone booth isn't big enough for the both of us! Trisha opens the door and pokes her head inside. There, Parisa is talking away to her father over the phone. After Trisha requests to use the phone to call her parents, Parisa says she'll take it in to consideration. Outside, KellyAnne is retold the encounter with the blabbing Parisa. KellyAnne busts inside and tells Parisa to get off the phone. Finally, Parisa gets off and retreats to her bedroom. As she shouts at KellyAnne about Trisha constantly wanting the phone, but spending that time with her boyfriend and not family, the phonebooth door is heard opening. Trisha, fired up, comes speeding down the tracks, right at Parisa. She shoves Parisa to the floor.

    Trisha tells her mother that she never wants to have hatred for someone. And, even though she tries to not harbor it, she loathes her roommate. Parisa has called the management of the Real World. In the house, it is against the rules to hurt anyone in a physical manner. She states that there should either be repercussions for having Trisha physical harm her, or she will go in to that phone booth and rip Trisha's face off. Unless the crew steps in, blood will be spilt.