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  1. If you thought things were already crazy Down Under, think again, 'cause you ain't seen nothin' yet. The Real World: Sydney is about to become a total madhouse. The day after Parisa and Trisha both kissed Australian cutie Alex, KellyAnne finds out......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Shauvon throws a plate and the gang get into a huge fight. But is it really over a grilled cheese, or is there more to it? Find out here.


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  1. If you thought things were already crazy Down Under, think again, 'cause you ain't seen nothin' yet. The Real World: Sydney is about to become a total madhouse. The day after Parisa and Trisha both kissed Australian cutie Alex, KellyAnne finds out and decides to get to the bottom of things. She questions Parisa about why she kissed Alex despite knowing Trisha likes him and warns her that she shouldn't keep the kiss a secret from Trisha. But Parisa doesn't think there's any reason to tell Trisha, mainly because Trisha has a boyfriend and shouldn't be hooking up with other guys anyway. Plus, Parisa claims that Trisha knew that she also had a thing for Alex. Meanwhile, not wanting to keep any secrets from her new BFF Trisha, Shauvon reveals that Parisa kissed Alex. It's a low blow, considering Shauvon had promised Parisa she wouldn't tell Trisha. Needless to say, Parisa will probably never tell Shauvon anything ever again. As everything that happened with Alex comes to light, there are two opposing conversations taking place at the same time. On the road heading to the beach with Shauvon and KellyAnne, Trisha defends her right to have dibs on Alex. After all, she met him first. Back at The Real World house, Parisa tells Dunbar that Alex admitted he had no interest in Trisha. After hearing both sides, KellyAnne thinks Alex is probably just playing the field. During a friendly game of ping-pong, KellyAnne warns Parisa not to let the guys find out about the whole Alex debacle, but Parisa says she's already told Dunbar. Later, while Parisa is talking to Dunbar, Shauvon tells Trisha and KellyAnne that they shouldn't trust a girl like Parisa who chooses guys over her girlfriends. As if things weren't already awkward enough, now comes one of the most awkward moments in the history of Real World moments. Yes, it's that awkward. While drunk dialing Alex to try to find out where she stands in his eyes, Parisa playfully jokes that Trisha should talk to him as well. Grabbing the phone, Trisha tells Alex not to hide his true emotions and then announces to the other Real Worlders that Alex just said he doesn't like Parisa, he just feels sorry for her. Parisa grabs the phone back and Trisha exits the room with a laugh. Parisa starts to think that maybe Alex is telling her one thing and Trisha another. Later, Parisa is making grilled cheese sandwiches for her Real World roomies when Shauvon places a special order for an egg and tomato sandwich. When Parisa tells her it's too much work and continues making grilled cheese sandwiches, Shauvon freaks out. A little tipsy, Shauvon starts screaming that Parisa is willing to do anything for the guys in the house but wants nothing to with the girls. Cohutta and Isaac defend Parisa, but Shauvon and her sidekicks, Trisha and KellyAnne, continue to give Parisa the verbal beating of her life ? all over a grilled cheese. When Shauvon throws around a couple of crude comments, Cohutta loses his cool. Yes, the same fella that would do anything to defend a lady was fighting with one. When Cohutta sees he's flying off the handle, he retreats to his room. After realizing the absurdity of the situation, Cohutta goes back into the battlefield to try to calm Shauvon down. He offers her his grilled cheese, but instead of saying thank you, Shauvon throws a glass bottle at Cohutta that shatters right in front of him and then hits Isaac with a plastic soda bottle. Cohutta's had enough and heads back into his room, with his grilled cheese in tow, of course. In the safety of his sleeping chamber, Cohutta chastises the yummy treat, telling it that it got him in a ton of trouble. Despite all the drama, Cohutta happily enjoys his warm, gooey grilled cheese sandwich. While all the drama between Shauvon and Cohutta goes down, Parisa makes Shauvon the egg and tomato sandwich she's been bitching about. But when she finally calms down, Shauvon doesn't want it! Shauvon says the argument wasn't about food. It was about Parisa's lack of commitment to the rest of The Real World girls. The next day, Parisa tries to get back on track with Shauvon, but it seems like Shauvon, has already made up her mind -- she wants nothing to do with Parisa anymore. Even though Shauvon admits she was in the wrong, she doesn't think that makes it right for Parisa to cater to the guys and ignore the girls. Later that night, when Alex comes by to pick the girls up for a night out on the town, Trisha declares that the "flirt war" is on. At the club, Parisa pulls Alex into the bathroom for a quick make out session. After having a little fun, though, the love triangle heats up when Trisha confronts Alex about what he's been doing behind her back. Not wanting to get in the middle of a catfight, Alex bails on both girls. Awhile after Alex leaves, the bartender tells Trisha that Parisa is outside vomiting, so Trisha offers to walk Parisa home. But Parisa shoves her off, saying she doesn't need anyone's help, especially hers. Back at The Real World house, Parisa declares that tonight's the night she's finally going to speak her mind. She heads into the confessional to spill the beans but instead proceeds to puke. With Trisha standing outside waiting to hear what Parisa has to say, a screaming match ensues between the two roomies. Trisha wants Parisa to speak her mind to her face, not in the comfy confines of the confessional. And, with that, Parisa lets it rip, calling Trisha an "unfaithful slut" because she made out with Alex even though she has a boyfriend she talks about "25 hours a day." Total mayhem breaks out as Parisa and Trisha finally tell each other what has really been on their minds. This can't end well!"