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  1. "Lucky... ", Isaac whispers to Cohutta as they are sitting around the kitchen table. Apparently, Cohutta and KellyAnne's slumber party is not exactly hush hush around The Real World house. Everyone in the house already knows they've hooked up. The......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Emotions take over as Aussie Alex lands in a love triangle between Trisha and Parisa. Whose team are you on?


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  1. "Lucky... ", Isaac whispers to Cohutta as they are sitting around the kitchen table. Apparently, Cohutta and KellyAnne's slumber party is not exactly hush hush around The Real World house. Everyone in the house already knows they've hooked up. The Georgia boy reassures us that he doesn't want to parade bragging about what happened between him and KellyAnne. Sure you don't Cohutta, sure you don't. He just smiles his innocent, southern smile and says, "I take it day by day, drink by drink". Seems to be the reoccurring theme on The Real World: Sydney.

    Trisha calls her boyfriend, Jarod, to clear the air. She had written an e-mail the night before telling him how she was attracted to, and flirting with, Alex. Trisha feels so guilty just hanging out with any other man other than hers. After Jarod assures her that he isn't a jealous guy and that he loves her, she realizes that any other guy is just any other guy.

    But then who could come in and stir up the cauldron of drama? Parisa! She tells Alex, straight up, that if he plays her, she's calling him out and that he doesn't have to be witty for her all the time, like he is with Trisha. Shauvon thinks Parisa is just trying to start drama by liking Alex.

    Oh Alex, you Australian Bachelor, you! You are so smooth, so smooth that you write and leave a poem for both Trisha and Parisa in the same night. Yes, Alex, we present to you the biggest mistake EVER award. Both girls find out from each other that they received a poem. Parisa seems to not mind, knowing that her competition is a girl who already has a boyfriend. Trisha calls him out at lunch about it how she wasn't the only lady to be wooed by his written words that night. Alex, searching for the best excuse, says he had to write the crappy one before he could write hers. Real smooth Alex. As smooth as sliding down the side of a jagged cliff, that smooth.

    That night, there's a small get-together at The Real World house. Trisha, furious at the sight of Alex talking to Parisa, grabs her friends and goes to a bar. Paris and Alex end up walking outside together, talking about Trisha, of course.

    At a bar, KellyAnne freaks out over two guys constantly wanting to be by her. Oh, if only she had a strong man, with a thick accent to fend for her! Go Cohutta! Go! He jumps right in, saying that KellyAnne is a beautiful, charming young lady from Texas, and would defend her till his death. The two creeps back off, offering Cohutta a drink. He firmly turns the offer down

    Back inside The Real World house, Cohutta tells KellyAnne that she deserves a man, a human being that will treat her with respect. He regards her as a special lady. Then, something new to the house, we see a moment between the two. The moment is not sexual, or exploited for the sake of entertainment. Kelly Anne's eyes fixate on Cohutta's, and all goes silent. Sparks fly.

    The next morning KellyAnne receives a call from Leslie, a friend back home. Leslie tells her that KellyAnne's ex-boyfriend, who KellyAnne has been seeing on and off, got strangely close to a girl the night before. KellyAnne explodes. She can't believe her ex would show off "the new girl" in front of all her friends. She goes to Cohutta for advice. He stares off, playing his guitar. He reminds her of what they have done, and that two wrongs don't make a right. He also says that this ex boyfriend has the right to date whomever he pleases.

    Trisha, really helping the Parisa/Alex problem, invites over two other Aussie friends when Alex is there. She can play his game. They escort her out, leaving Alex with Parisa. As Trisha becomes more and more jealous, she tells the famous tale of a dog peeing on a tree, which alludes to girls liking guys. Trisha feels that she has marked her territory, peed on a tree, before Parisa, and she has dibs on Alex. Even though she has a boyfriend, she finds it her right to be able to flirt and find him attractive in a very sexual way. Parisa better watch her back, and be careful of where she pees.

    That night, at a bar, Trisha asks Alex if he likes Parisa. He says not in that way. Somehow, by a weird twist of conversation, Alex ends up rating Trisha as a six, and Shauvon gets a six as well. Shauvon, saying she has never been called average, walks away in tears. As the waterworks explode at home, Cohutta can't believe these girls think they are invincible. It doesn't matter what beach you are from, or how blonde your hair is, Cohutta looks for what's inside.

    When Parisa kisses Alex, she goes to Kelly Anne to ask why she feels so bad. But who really cares? Trisha has a boyfriend! Parisa should feel fine in her attraction to Alex. Well, Parisa kissing "Trisha's tree" doesn't seem to stop Trisha, as she makes out with Alex that same night. Will the two fighting girls devour Alex? Will Trisha's boyfriend strangle him to death? All that can be told is that this Aussie suitor should probably not come back in The Real World house without a helmet on.