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  1. The city of Sydney is gearing up for the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, where over a million people show up to party. But inside The Real World house, not everyone's ready for what's about to go down. Cohutta and Trisha aren't so sure they......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. When the group goes to Mardi Gras, Trisha's strict religious views are called into conflict. Plus, Dunbar reveals the history of abuse in his life.


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  1. The city of Sydney is gearing up for the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, where over a million people show up to party. But inside The Real World house, not everyone's ready for what's about to go down. Cohutta and Trisha aren't so sure they want to head out for the festivities. But Dunbar's pumped for the twist on a traditional fest, and Isaac, a big fan of dressing up, is excited for the opportunity to show off some of his props and costumes.

    When Trisha receives an email from her dad, it reminds her how much she appreciates her family. In it, her dad says he's asked his church congregation to pray for her and the rest of The Real World roommates, which puts her actions in Sydney into perspective. Trisha realizes she's been partying too much while she's been Down Under and questions whether she should go to "gay Mardi Gras."

    Before heading out for the day, Cohutta and Trisha play a friendly game of pool. But when Trisha calls him a "dumbass," Cohutta gets a little defensive. Then, the Real Worlders pile into the car to head to downtown Sydney. On the way, the conversation gets a little heated, but the mood picks up as they snap some pictures by the Opera House.

    While walking around the city, Trisha comes across an acoustic guitarist who is playing her favorite church songs. Soon, KellyAnne joins her and sings along. In tears, Trisha says she feels like this is a sign from God that she needs to stop partying, beginning with not going to Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

    On the car ride home, Trisha tells her roommates that the "real" Trisha would never even consider attending a gay and lesbian celebration. Because of her religious beliefs, she doesn't feel that she should support or encourage homosexual behavior. Although her roommates say she doesn't have to go, Trisha says she's upset with herself for even wanting to go.

    Back at The Real World ranch, Cohutta and Trisha try to decide if they're going to Mardi Gras. While Cohutta says he's just not comfortable going to the festivities, Trisha says that hearing the church songs made her take a step back and reevaluate her actions. Trisha says she doesn't want to participate in something she doesn't believe is right. Cohutta says that the "gay" part doesn't really bother him, he's just not too keen on hanging out with thousands of drunk and belligerent people. Hearing their discussion, KellyAnne decides to hang back and talk instead of hitting the streets.

    But that doesn't stop Parisa, Shauvon, Dunbar and Isaac from heading out in full costume for the Mardi Gras festivities. Walking in the parade, the roomies blend in, cheer on the crowd and take in the full experience. As the night progresses, Dunbar says he's glad that Trisha didn't come because she would have just brought everyone down.

    Hanging out away from the hubbub, Trisha and Cohutta get into a tiff after he playfully lifts up her dress and flashes a bunch of strangers. When Trisha blows up and questions whether Cohutta understands why she's upset, he tells her to stop speaking to him like he's "stupid." KellyAnne tries to stay out of the argument, regretting that she stayed behind with them.

    At Mardi Gras, everyone is having a blast until an older man checks out Dunbar. Dunbar gets slightly weirded out and reveals that his grandfather tried to molest him as a child. Shauvon's blown away by the confession and admires Dunbar's ability to not let such a bad incident ruin his perspective on life -- and people. Despite the somber admission, Dunbar, Shauvon, Isaac and Parisa continue to party in the streets the rest of the night, dancing and waving rainbow flags. Shauvon thinks the rest of the gang is truly missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    The next morning, Dunbar tells Parisa more about his troubled childhood. He shares that he had a horrible time at home, trying to escape the advances of his grandfather. This gives Parisa a better understanding of Dunbar's hostility and readiness to fight.

    Although Trisha and Cohutta make peace, Cohutta thinks they should keep their communication to a minimum, since he's sick of always hurting her feelings. Although Trisha says she still wants to be friends, Cohutta wants to keep his distance.