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  1. The love triangle between Real World roomies Dunbar, KellyAnne and Parisa is still in full force, as KellyAnne reassures everyone that the flirting between her and Dunbar is just harmless fun. She claims that nothing is going on between them --......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Dunbar puts Parisa at arm's length and KellyAnne develops a crush on Cohutta.


About Episode

  1. The love triangle between Real World roomies Dunbar, KellyAnne and Parisa is still in full force, as KellyAnne reassures everyone that the flirting between her and Dunbar is just harmless fun. She claims that nothing is going on between them -- she thinks her flirty personality gives everyone the wrong impression about their friendship.

    Meanwhile, Parisa is still upset about KellyAnne and Dunbar's "friendship." According to Parisa, Dunbar pretends he doesn't like KellyAnne yet he "turns into a teenage boy" with a crush anytime she's around! Parisa is still waiting for Dunbar to acknowledge the letter she so bravely wrote him last week, but he claims he won't respond to it until she proves that she can handle the kind of relationship he wants. When Dunbar attempts to be honest with Parisa about his feelings toward her by saying she's "interesting," Parisa is hurt that she isn't hot enough for him.

    Later, Cohutta, Isaac and Parisa are hanging out in the kitchen where Cohutta tells them that he can't seem to find a girl in Australia that interests him -- this includes his Real World housemates! He says he wants a classy girl that he could see himself raising a family with, and so far the girls he's met just don't cut it.

    Meanwhile, Dunbar talks to Trisha about what's going on with Parisa and KellyAnne. He reveals that out of the two girls, he'd rather hang out with the fun, chill girl than the girl who "wants to be his soul mate." In other words, he's interested in KellyAnne. Sorry, Parisa! Later, Dunbar bashes Parisa in the confessional, saying that he's never going to be with her and she should get over it. On top of that, he goes so far as to tell her to back off and read the book He's Just Not That Into You that's on their coffee table. Way harsh, Dunbar!

    Trisha relays her conversation with Dunbar to KellyAnne, and KellyAnne gets annoyed that Dunbar assumes she's attracted to him just because she flirts with him (well, duh). KellyAnne tells Trisha that there is no "love triangle" because she doesn't even like Dunbar! In the confessional, KellyAnne admits that Dunbar took their harmless flirting too seriously and advises him to stick with his girlfriend.

    When she finally gets some time to herself in The Real World house, Parisa sits down in the studio to get back in her element and play some music. After she practices singing a new song she wrote, she asks KellyAnne to go for a walk so they can finally clear the air about Dunbar. KellyAnne gets right to the point and tells Parisa that she doesn't like Dunbar and that she's decided to back off entirely. Parisa feels better now that she knows where KellyAnne stands.

    After her talk with Parisa goes well, KellyAnne confronts Dunbar and tells him straight up that she's not into him. But apparently her message still isn't clear because Dunbar immediately runs off and tells Isaac that he now really thinks KellyAnne has a thing for him. Maybe he should read the book on the coffee table!

    Now that KellyAnne thinks things have been settled with Dunbar, she moves on to her next victim: Cohutta. Parisa is convinced that KellyAnne has a crush on Cohutta because -- surprise, surprise -- she's always flirting with him. Cohutta tells KellyAnne and Parisa that he's confident about his abilities in bed and Parisa thinks he's insinuating that he wants to have a threesome!

    Now that she's making music again, Parisa finally feels like herself. But Dunbar is unimpressed with her attempt at singing a blues song and insults her by claiming that women are incapable of singing the blues. Parisa's feelings are hurt and the two get into a verbal tussle that leaves Parisa wondering if she and Dunbar will be as good of friends as she had hoped.

    As the rest of the Real Worlders prepare for a night out on the town, KellyAnne and Cohutta flirt in front of Dunbar, who claims he isn't jealous about their flowering relationship. But Cohutta quickly picks up on the tension between KellyAnne and Dunbar and realizes this isn't true at all!

    At the bar, Cohutta finally builds up enough nerve to talk to some girls as KellyAnne watches him out of the corner of her eye. Could something more than friendship be brewing between these two Real Worlders? Sure enough, KellyAnne admits she has a "mini-crush" on Cohutta and his southern charm. Later, she tells Dunbar about her new infatuation and he doesn't take it so well. KellyAnne gets fed up with Dunbar's attitude and decides she not only doesn't like him romantically but she doesn't even like him as a person anymore!

    When Cohutta and KellyAnne sneak off into the confessional together, Dunbar gets suspicious when they've been gone awhile. Then, as if being alone in the confessional together isn't enough, Dunbar walks into his room to find KellyAnne and Cohutta snuggling up in Cohutta's bed. When KellyAnne is finally ready to crash for the night, Trisha asks her what happened with Cohutta. KellyAnne tells her that there was just some "harmless touchy-feely" stuff and they didn't really kiss. But could KellyAnne and Cohutta's harmless flirting blossom into something more?