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  1. Orange County, CA

    This fresh-faced, 19-year-old Georgia native is a force to be reckoned with. Anyone who knows Ashli will tell you that her casual beauty and ability to be just like one of the guys inspires plenty of jealousy -- both...   Read More

  2. CohuttaCohutta

    Jason Campbell

    Age: 23
    Blue Ridge, Georgia.

    Born and raised in small-town Georgia, Cohutta is a southern gentleman who's quick to impress the ladies with his chivalry, his wit, and his country wisdom. When he's not building houses (he's a...   Read More

  3. DunbarDunbar

    Jason Campbell

    Age: 22
    Natchez, Mississippi.

    At first glance, Dunbar appears to be the stereotypical southern fraternity boy, but a series of life-changing obstacles has forced him to learn responsibility. When his family lost everything after a...   Read More

  4. Age: 21
    Cleveland, Ohio.

    His rugged, "bad-boy" look makes this 21-year-old seem intimidating initially, but deep down Isaac is just a handsome, lovable party boy. As a teen, Isaac rebelled by using drugs and alcohol, but he's worked...   Read More

  5. Age: 20
    Austin, Texas.

    Twenty-year-old Texan KellyAnne doesn't just show up to the party; she loves to be the center of it, too. She's a self-described tease who craves the attention of men. She's hot and she knows it, which she...   Read More

  6. ParisaParisa

    Jason Campbell

    Age: 21
    New York, New York.

    Parisa is a thoughtful and smart New Yorker, who at first might seem out of place among The Real World party girls. She was raised by loving but demanding Muslim parents who don't support Parisa's dream of...   Read More

  7. ShauvonShauvon

    Jason Campbell

    Age: 24
    Sacramento, California.

    Shauvon is more than just a buxom blonde bombshell; she is also an intellectual sex columnist for Sacramento State University's newspaper. Raised primarily by her controlling mother, Shauvon was...   Read More

  8. TrishaTrisha

    Jason Campbell

    Age: 19
    Fresno, California.

    Trisha is a sharp-tongued party girl from California who enjoys drinking, flirting, and flaunting herself with the popular crowd. Raised as a devout Christian by her adoptive parents, 19 year-old Trisha...   Read More