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The roommates say their final goodbyes, but not before one couple makes it official and Swift gets his revenge.

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Tensions run high when the St. Thomas Seven reunite for the first time.

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They started out as strangers, but now they're bonded for life. The new season of 'The Challenge' premieres Wednesday, Sept. 19 at 10/9c.

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  1. The St. Thomas Seven reunite for the first time in the explosive reunion. One couple reveals that they've called it quits and fight after fight from the cast reveals that the drama has followed the roomies back to the mainland....  Read Full Summary »


  2. The roommates say goodbye to St. Thomas, but first--one couple finally makes it official and Swift exacts his revenge on Marie and LaToya in the great prank war of Hassel Island....  Read Full Summary »


  3. A random drug test may send Brandon packing. Trey invites Chelsea to St.Thomas, leading the two girls he has been playing to come face-to-face. Marie and LaToya get lost while hiking....  Read Full Summary »



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  2. Check out all the action going down in the confessional.

  3. Get to know the seven strangers moving to St. Thomas.

Songs from the show

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    1. All Smiles  ‘Friday Flying'

    1. Tian Winter  ‘Raving'

    1. Perrin Lamb  ‘It's Your World'

    1. Molly Marlette  ‘Be Mine'

    1. Dinner and A Suit  ‘Where We Started'


About Real World: St. Thomas

  1. Like seven stranded castaways, our newest "strangers" of the Real World live on a small island -- right in the middle of the busy harbor of St. Thomas of the US Virgin Islands. Full of pranks, rum and romance, these roommates party like pirates, immersing themselves into the culture of the Caribbean, from boating and scuba diving to dancing in the streets of the traditional Carnival parade! Amidst all the fun in the sun, romances bloom, so beware -- there may be rough seas ahead.

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