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  1. Age: 24 -- Quincy, MA

    With his tattoos and gauged ears, Brandon does not look like your typical Real Worlder. Growing up in Boston's infamous "Southie" neighborhood, he has had to steal and hustle to survive. Right now, he is homeless and...   Read More

  2. Age: 22 -- Petersburg, VA

    Don't let the name fool you. LaToya Jackson is not a member of that Jackson family, but this self-proclaimed "Head Bitch in Charge" still has plenty personality to spare. Bubbly and energetic, Toya, as her friends call...   Read More

  3. Age: 23 -- Omaha, NE

    Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, this corn-fed cutie got an unusual present from her adoptive parents when she was born: a shotgun. Extremely sporty and outdoorsy, Laura's passion is leading her towards a career as a...   Read More

  4. Age: 22 -- Staten Island, NY

    A self-described "down ass bitch," Marie is one hell of a good time. With "Statitude" to spare -- that's Staten Island Attitude, for those not in the know -- Marie describes her worst trait as calling people out too...   Read More

  5. RobbRobb

    Please credit Ian Spanier or www

    Age: 21 -- Bensalem, PA

    Robb will be the first to tell you that white guys CAN jump. At 6'6" with bright red hair and piercing blue eyes, Robb stands out wherever he goes. Robb is extremely competitive. A former basketball star, he regularly...   Read More

  6. Age: 22 -- Edison, NJ

    Brandon Swift, who goes by Swift, recently graduated from Temple University with a Business Administration degree in legal studies. In addition to having entrepreneurial aspirations, he also wants to become a sports and...   Read More

  7. Age: 23 -- Baltimore, MD

    Born in a blue collar section of Baltimore, Trey had a rough childhood. His drug addict father was in and out of jail for much of Trey's life on charges related to murder, leaving Trey to be raised by his mother and...   Read More