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  1. Raised in a village in Zimbabwe with no electricity or running water, Alexandra is, without a doubt, the most accomplished person to ever appear on "The Real World." She was the first woman of color and the youngest person ever to compete on the...   Read More

  2. At 24 years old, Ashley has never lived with anyone but her mother -- so rooming with six strangers may take some getting used to. Though she will be the oldest in the house, she is the baby at home, getting calls from her mother 20 times a day and...   Read More

  3. Nicknamed Hurricane Frank, this recent graduate of prestigious Middlebury College is a whirlwind of emotions. When he's up, he is soaring and when he is down, watch out. Growing up in upstate New York, Frank was a star athlete and the smartest kid...   Read More

  4. At first, Nate may seem like your typical fratboy: He drinks heavily and parties hard, has bedded 50 women and counting, and was always the class clown growing up. But this Kansas City native has earned a degree in nuclear engineering and has...   Read More

  5. At just 19 years old, Priscilla is the youngest member of the Real World house. But don't let her youth fool you -- this Mexican beauty is deeper than she first appears. After graduating high school a year early, she is now on a pre-med track and...   Read More

  6. Sam is a self-described "stud lesbian." Known as a girlfriend stealer, Sam was involved in a dramatic love triangle in high school that ended in two girls being outed. The daughter of military parents, Sam lives at home in Chesapeake, Virginia, and...   Read More

  7. Towering at 6'3", Zach has the build of a professional football player and that's a good thing, seeing as he plays arena football. And yet, at 23, Zach's dreams of reaching the NFL may have passed him by. After graduating from Northern Michigan...   Read More