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Watch The Season Finale

As Nia's rampage continues, a house vote causes old hostilities to emerge and sends roommates packing before their time in Portland is up.

Watch The Reunion

The Portland roommates reunite to dish on the drama that tore apart the house, and one roommate reveals a hidden crush nobody knew about.

Watch The After Show

Nia explains why she went after Jordan, and vents about Marlon breaking the G-Code.

The Real World: This Is The End Edition

Watch the cast of 'This Is The End' meet the cast of 'The Real World: Portland.'

Soundtrack Spotlight

Head to the MTV Soundtrack Blog to hear artists, like Frank Bell, featured in episodes of the 'Real World Portland.'

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  1. The eight Portland roommates, plus Daisy, reunite and dish on the drama of the season,...  Read Full Summary »


  2. As the roommates prepare to say goodbye, at least one roommate may be forced to leave...  Read Full Summary »


  3. The house reminisces on the fun times they had that weren't shown during the season....  Read Full Summary »



  1. Watch the cast of 'This Is The End' meet the cast of 'The Real World: Portland.'

  2. Take a look at the new cast of 'Real World Portland.'

  3. If you're 20 years old or older and appear to be between the ages of 20-24, you could have a chance to be part of the next 'Real World.'

About Real World: Portland

  1. Seven new "strangers" of The Real World, plus the house dog Daisy, are about to stop being polite and start getting real in the hip Pacific Northwest town of Portland, Oregon. Living in the trendy Pearl district, filled with cool bars, coffee shops, food trucks, and bicyclists, these roommates quickly immerse themselves in Portland culture, working in two of the city's hippest local eateries. In a town whose slogan is to stay weird, this cast is truly inspired to be themselves and to get real no matter the cost. With such individuality around them, these roommates blaze their own trail.

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