Songs from the show

    1. Trombone Shorty  ‘Hurricane Season'

      Real World New Orleans Theme Song

    1. Lee Blaske Jazz Trio  ‘Strollin''

    1. Spouse  ‘Impressed By You'

    1. No-Fi Soul Rebellion  ‘But We Always Set Up On The Floor'

    1. Buckwheat Zydeco  ‘Throw Me Something, Mister'

    1. Alex Roots  ‘Freaky Vocal Style'

    1. Hot Vegas  ‘Spring Time'

    1. Lorien  ‘Do The Regret'

    1. Quiet Company  ‘The Biblical Sense Of The Word'

    1. Go Periscope  ‘Theme For Our Getaway'

    1. Lorien  ‘The Snake Or The Charmer'

    1. Psychic Stunts  ‘Bizarre'

    1. Lee Hester  ‘Radius'

    1. Triggers  ‘She Had Me At Take Off'

    1. Lady Danville  ‘Love To Love'

    1. John Nathaniel  ‘Two Of Us'

    1. Miss Fairchild  ‘Trust Me'

    1. Kermit Ruffins  ‘Do The Fat Tuesday'

    1. Triggers  ‘Ready Or Not'

    1. The Rosettas  ‘The Way I Like It'

    1. The Gay Blades  ‘Robot Can F*ck Your Sh*t Up'

    1. His Orchestra  ‘Wooden House'

    1. Shauna Burns  ‘Dragonfly'

    1. Ian Axel  ‘The Music That Haunts This Town'

    1. Miranda Lee Richards  ‘Hidden Treasure'