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The S#!@ They Should've Shown

Check out never before seen moments from 'Real World Las Vegas'

Reunion Special

The roommates of 'Real World Las Vegas' reunite and dish on hook ups, secret pasts and what they've been up to since Vegas.

'Real World Las Vegas' Dailies

Check out Mike and Naomi's uncensored wedding vows. Check out more unseen dailies.

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  1. Check out never before seen moments from 'Real World Las Vegas'


  2. The roommates of 'Real World Las Vegas' reunite and dish on hooking up, secret pasts and...  Read Full Summary »


  3. After hounding Mike for a quickie Las Vegas wedding, Princess Naomi gets her man and a...  Read Full Summary »



  1. We are now accepting applications to be on 'The Real World 27,' so sign up today!

  2. Check out the cast of Real World Las Vegas and their Casino digs.

  3. Follow the Real World roommates as they take you on a tour of their Hard Rock Casino penthouse suite.

Songs from the show

    1. Drums & Tuba  ‘The Metrics'

    1. Andrew Varner  ‘Reruns and Leftovers'

    1. Aaron and Andrew  ‘Best Days'

    1. The Working Title  ‘Darkness'

    1. Jesse Palter and the Alter Ego  ‘Happy'

About Real World XXV: Vegas

  1. The Real World Las Vegas is the true story of seven strangers living in a city defined by pleasure, temptation and the excitement of youth.  It's a three month journey through the lives of Adam, Dustin, Heather, Leroy, Michael, Naomi, and Nany as they get to know each other, reveal secrets about themselves, -- and experience life like they never have before in a specially designed suite at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.   Everything in Vegas is on a grander scale, and that comes through loud and clear this season.  Romance among the cast members is at an all time high, and as secrets each cast member has brought with them are revealed, those relationships will be challenged and tested.  In some cases the relationships will fail the test and in other cases they will come out stronger and deeper.

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