Songs from the show

    1. Goldenwest  ‘Don't Stop (Sun Drop)'

    1. Drums & Tuba  ‘The Metrics'

    1. New County  ‘Impossible'

    1. The Boys of Summer  ‘A Long Road Home'

    1. Andrew Varner  ‘Reruns and Leftovers'

    1. Aaron and Andrew  ‘Best Days'

    1. Oliver Trolley  ‘Maybe I Could Tell'

    1. The Boys of Summer  ‘My Best Interest'

    1. Parade of Lights  ‘Just Like Falling In Love'

    1. The Working Title  ‘Darkness'

    1. Lee Hester  ‘Stumbling Towards The End'

    1. Jesse Palter and the Alter Ego  ‘Happy'

    1. My My My  ‘Be My Bianca'

    1. Punchline  ‘Greatest. Party. Ever.'

    1. The Boys of Summer  ‘Night Light'

    1. Verona Grove  ‘Las Vegas Nights'

    1. Alexander Webb  ‘Turn Around'

    1. Matthew Shaefer  ‘Be Okay'

    1. Honor By August  ‘Don't Give Up On Us'

    1. His Orchestra  ‘Instrumental'

    1. Paul Haasch  ‘Daniel's Song'

    1. Secrets In Stereo  ‘Beautiful Ending'

    1. He Is We  ‘Happily Ever After'