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  1. The fact that the roommates only have a few more days left in Hollywood is at the front of all their minds; but that still does not stop them from enjoying the time they do have left together. Andy Dick and Charna go to Stage 20 and make dinner......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The roommates realize that after all the fights, hookups, firings and rehab none of them are ready to say goodbye to the Hollywood House.


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  1. The fact that the roommates only have a few more days left in Hollywood is at the front of all their minds; but that still does not stop them from enjoying the time they do have left together. Andy Dick and Charna go to Stage 20 and make dinner with all the roommates to celebrate their upcoming last show at the iO. The tone in the house has changed as all the Real Worlders start to get nervous about their time in Hollywood coming to an end.

    Back in Chicago, Joey works for a company called Fiber Drum where he mostly fixes steel cages. He has a new girlfriend, Malaine, who is very important to him because she supports his sobriety. Joey talks to his best friend, John, about missing his roommates, and while Hollywood was more stressful than he planned it to be, the question of whether or not he should have left still haunts him.

    Back in Hollywood, all the roommates, except Sarah and Kim, are enjoying one of their last nights out in Hollywood. Dave gets jumped unexpectedly, which results in a huge gash on his cheek. Dave makes a surprisingly calm decision to just walk away, however Will has another agenda. Will bolts for the guy who hit Dave and within seconds, the other roommates are all involved. As the brawl ends, the roommates, all unharmed,-except for Dave whose swollen check has now turned into a black eye-quickly walk away before the cops get there.

    At the iO the next day, Charna is surprised to see Dave's black eye. Yet, the improv must continue because it is their last class, and they are still struggling with their performance. While they all hope they can come together for their final show, some, like Kim, are more doubtful than others.

    Joey calls the house and talks to Will. He tells Will that he has been sober but is still distressed about whether or not he made the right decision leaving them all in Hollywood. Will, although he was more than excited to hear from Joey, reminds him of the convincing reasons why he went home.

    Charna tells Nick, Sarah, and Kim that they all have an informational job interview with Entertainment Tonight with the anchorman, Kevin Fraizer. While all three can't believe the opportunity presented to them, for Kim this is especially exciting because this is exactly what she wants to do.

    Back in Chicago, Charna invites Joey to the iO Chicago to see her. When Joey comes to see her, Charna makes sure he's staying clean and encourages Joey to get back involved with improv and put himself in a creative environment. She also invites Joey to come out to Hollywood so he can be there to support the roommates for their final show. Joey immediately calls the house and when Will picks up, Joey tells him that he's coming to Hollywood to see their final performance!

    Brianna goes to L.A. Models, where she meets with James, the director of the agency, to try and get another modeling contract. After watching her strut her stuff, James tells her that her walk needs work and she could use more training, but because he sees potential in her he will give her card to the runway division for future work.

    Sarah, Kim, and Nick go to Paramount Studios, the real Stage 20, where they meet with host Kevin Frazier on the set of Entertainment Tonight. They are in for a surprise when he brings out Shana Moakler, an actress and former Miss USA, and tells them that they are all going to interview her one at a time. With little to no preparation, Sarah and Nick's interviews go relatively smoothly. However, Kim is tongue-tied and can barely get out the questions she wants to ask. She knows she fell flat on her face and her interview was humiliating-but at least she admits it with a smile on her face.

    While Brianna and Brittini commiserate about having to go home soon back at Stage 20, the boys don't have time to think about the end as they go to pick Joey up from the airport. Joey is excited to be back and knows he is definitely in a better state of mind.

    Back at the house, Kim tries to cover up Dave's black eye with some make-up to get him ready for their performance that night. Dave is determined to shine and make his Hollywood dream come true even despite his black eye.

    On their way to the iO, Joey, Will, and Nick go look for flowers that all the roommates can give to Charna. In a rush, Will doesn't think twice about stealing a pot of flowers he sees outside a store-as usual, never a dull moment!

    Joey reunites with all the other roommates at the iO on the night of their last performance together. During the show, the roommates work very well together on stage and the audience is in hysterics the entire time. Charna congratulates everyone after the show for working so well together and for a job well done. Janelle comes to congratulates Will after the show, and then they dip out together for some alone time.

    Joey gets back to Stage 20, and although he realizes that nothing has changed-the kitchen is still piled high with dirty dishes-his perception has changed and he appreciates it all much more. Joey says bye to the roommates, and he knows it is an experience he will never forget.

    In their final moments together, the roommates pack their boxes and look at pictures as they think back on their time in Hollywood. Finally, taxis come one by one to take each roommate home. Brittini is the first to go, and after some smiles, laughter, and definitely some tears as all the roommates say goodbye, Will and Brianna are the last two left. Not wasting any of their last moments at Stage 20, they run around the house touching everything they can. Janelle comes to pick Will up, and as he embarks on his next stage with Janelle, a taxi comes to pick up Brianna, who leaves Stage 20 thankful, like all her fellow Real Worlders, for everything and her unique experience in Hollywood.