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  1. Still riding the high from her successful gig with The Calling's Alex Band, Brianna receives a surprise phone call at The Real World house. It's Alex! He wants to know if she would be interested in coming into the studio to add her vocals to his......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. From comedy, to music, to news, everyone in the Hollywood House seems to be on the right track to making it big.


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  1. Still riding the high from her successful gig with The Calling's Alex Band, Brianna receives a surprise phone call at The Real World house. It's Alex! He wants to know if she would be interested in coming into the studio to add her vocals to his album. Hm ... she'll really have to think about that now, won't she? Yeah, right!

    An ecstatic Brianna arrives at the recording studio, but the music Alex Band wants her to sing isn't really her style, and her enthusiasm wanes. While she appreciates everything Alex has done for her and the opportunity he is giving her, she vows not to forget that she came to Hollywood to do her own thing.

    Out at a club, Nick turns on the charm and picks up a girl, bringing her back to the house. It's 3 a.m., and the rest of The Real Worlders are upset by Nick and his lady-friend's inconsiderate noisemaking. Is Nick turning out to be Greg 2.0?

    At the iO West the next morning, Sarah complains to Charna about Nick's late-night romp. Charna tells Nick that onstage camaraderie can't be faked, so he had better show his housemates some respect. Drama aside, Charna has good news for Nick, Sarah and Kimberly -- she has secured them all internships at Movies.com.

    The next day, Nick, Sarah and Kimberly meet Brandon, a producer and web host for Movies.com. After listening to some advice from their new boss, the interns dive right in and start practicing for their chance to be an on-camera host.

    Back at The Real World house, Brianna sings for Tomas, a music producer. Tomas digs her sound, and agrees to help her record a demo.

    That night, Sarah and Kimberly head out -- without Nick -- to the theater where they will be interviewing moviegoers for Movies.com. When he realizes they left without him, Nick doesn't seem too broken up. Later, the interns get their chance to conduct live interviews. Sarah struggles, blaming her interviewees for being boring. On the other hand, Nick and Kimberly hit their strides right away and really shine in their new roles.

    After watching their interviews, Brandon reveals to Kimberly, Nick and Sarah that he has cancer and is going to New York City to do a cancer-awareness commercial. Then, he takes Nick aside and compliments him on a job well done, saying he has high hopes for Nick's future.

    While Brianna gives everyone in the studio goose bumps as she records her demo, Sarah heads across town to talk to Charna about her disappointing experience at Movies.com. During their chat, Charna tells Sarah about another gig at think.mtv.com.

    When Sarah meets think.mtv.com's Pete Griffith, he asks her to work as a correspondent and create a story for the site about a new eco-friendly gas station in the area. She's thrilled! It's just the sort of journalism she wanted to do in the first place. Excited to make up for her Movies.com let down, Sarah drafts Will as her associate producer so he can help her with the project.

    Feeling good, The Real World women all hit the town to celebrate their new successes. Brianna gets the party started with a round of shots, but as the hours pass, drunken jubilation turns into a roadside puking session for Sarah.

    The vomit marathon continues back at Studio 20. But while Kimberly and Brianna hold back Sarah's hair so it doesn't get covered in spew, all Nick wants to do is document the occasion by taking pictures. However, the girls are in no mood for his shenanigans, angrily telling him to leave.

    Their rudeness prompts Nick to reconsider his drama-neutrality policy. As he discusses things with the other guys, Sarah stumbles in and embarrassingly drunk dials her boyfriend, Ryan. Most of the house enjoys a laugh at her expense, believing that she deserves it for lecturing them about partying too hard.

    The next morning, Nick tells Dave that his "ammo has been lit" after the anti-photography incident. Nick confronts Sarah about being a poser and just acting like she likes him. Sarah, baffled and completely hung over, has no idea what to say and Nick winds up storming off.

    Things get worse for Sarah when she calls Pete Griffith, who is worried that he hasn't seen her script yet. So, battling the worst hangover of her life, Sarah must write her script within the next four hours. Will is confident that she can get it done, after all, he is her associate producer.

    Meanwhile, Brianna and Kimberly listen to Brianna's demo at the studio. The aspiring singer is moved to tears because she is so happy. The tears continue back at The Real World house, where Brianna tells Kimberly how much she owes her family, especially her mom who always worked the grind for her.

    On the day of her shoot, Sarah goes to the BP Helios House and talks with Heather, a Helios Green Team Member. She gets a tour of the green-minded gas station, and it looks like she's got some quality footage.

    When Nick calls to catch up with Movie.com's Brandon, he gets some unexpected news -- Brandon has been hospitalized. Fortunately, though, Brandon has some good news for Nick -- he wants to help Nick kick-start his career.

    Sarah finishes editing her piece for think.mtv.com and is pleased with the results. Finally in a better mood, she talks to Nick about their issues. The talk goes pretty well and, despite still thinking Sarah is a poser, Nick hopes they can put that night behind them. Of course, he still wants to keep his distance whenever possible.

    Later, Brandon's assistant, Carson, calls Nick to tell him that Brandon passed away. Before he died, Brandon told Carson about the potential he saw in Nick, so Carson wants to work with him. Nick is too stricken with grief to be happy about the opportunity, but he agrees to meet with Carson.

    Although both Kimberly and Sarah are devastated when they hear the news, Nick is clearly the one most affected by Brandon's death. Still drying his tears, Nick heads to The Real World confessional where he vows to keep pushing to "bring the Nick flavor," just like Brandon would have wanted.