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  1. Night falls on Hollywood and, with Greg and Joey out of the picture, the prospect of new Real World roommates is on everyone's minds. Brianna and Kimberly discuss their hopes for the new roomies, musing about the possibility of a really wild girl......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. The remaining cast members are joined by two new roommates, Nick and Brittini.


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About Episode

  1. Night falls on Hollywood and, with Greg and Joey out of the picture, the prospect of new Real World roommates is on everyone's minds. Brianna and Kimberly discuss their hopes for the new roomies, musing about the possibility of a really wild girl coming in and hooking up with all the guys. They think Dave is desperate enough to indulge, but Kimberly insists that she won't let Will cheat on his new gal pal, The Real World: Key West's Janelle.

    Meanwhile, inside the house, Janelle wonders how Will and Dave will handle two "random people" coming into their space. Will decides to launch a preemptive strike against the new roommates, rubbing his butt all over Greg's old pillowcases. Dave takes a slightly more rational approach, suggesting that he and Will should room together in case they don't like the new guys. Will agrees, and then takes Janelle out for a night on the town. After their date, Will admits that he's completely fallen for Janelle.

    The next day, Will gets a call from Janelle, inviting him and Dave to the Saddle Ranch bar to hang out with some of her Real World/Road Rules friends. At the bar, Dave and Will meet Evan, Kenny, Ace and Paula, and, despite having a show later that night, Dave throws back a few drinks with his new pals.

    Before the show, it becomes clear to the other Real World roommates that Dave's inebriation will be an issue. Dave assures Will that he's fine, adding that he will probably be better because he is wasted. Will isn't convinced, and neither is anyone else. They are all surprised that someone who cares about improv as much as Dave would do something so reckless.

    The night starts off smooth, but when a drunken Dave takes center stage and starts acting loopy, the confused audience starts to lose interest. Fortunately, the gang is able to get through the performance thanks to their improv training. After the show, Dave admits his mistake, apologizes and swears that it will never happen again.

    The next evening, the roommates decide that they should pull some pranks on the incoming newbies. After a brief brainstorming session, they decide to fake being in a huge fight. Unfortunately, the plan doesn't work out and The Real Worlders greet their first new roommate, Nick, very cordially.

    As Dave leads Nick through the house, Nick reveals that he's in Hollywood because he wants to be a TV host. Overhearing the conversation, Kimberly shares a quick bonding moment with Nick over their similar interests. Then, convinced that Nick will be a much more agreeable roommate than Greg, everyone decides to toast to new beginnings.

    Just as things start to settle down, another new roommate arrives: Brittini. As she checks out the room she'll be sharing with Nick, the ever-mature Will strolls through with his underwear pulled up his butt crack. Brittini is amused and goes running after Will to get a better look. After the thrill of the chase wears off, she tells the group that she is a model and has a new boyfriend. Wonder how long that will last...

    The night is young when the new roommates hit the town for their first taste of Hollywood. As the rest of the roommates party together, Will and Janelle enjoy some alone time at the house.

    Later that night, Will gets a call from Janelle. She just saw Nick walking home with two hot chicks! Dave is excited about the prowess displayed by his new friend, but his excitement doesn't last long. When Will and Dave hear the clack of the front gate, they turn to see an all too familiar sight -- Reva and Shaelee.

    Nick joins Dave and Will near the hot tub with "regulars" Reva and Shaelee. When the girls get up to go inside, Will informs Nick that he's brought home Greg's and Joey's "leftovers," and the new roommate is pretty embarrassed. As the night winds down, Nick leads Shaelee and Reva to the front gate, struggling to get them to go home. Talk about clingy!

    The next day, all The Real Worlders head to iO West for improv class. Nick and Brittini fall into line like seasoned pros and Charna can't hide her delight at what quick studies they are.

    To celebrate, the roomies head out for some drinks. Throughout the night, sparks fly between Will and Brittini. Brianna stands idly by, watching them flirt, but when she and Brittini decide to head back to the house together, she probes for information. Brittini admits that if she didn't have a boyfriend she would be all over Will.

    The flirt-fest between Brittini and Will continues back at the house, but when the night draws to a close, the other girls confront Will about not messing things up with Janelle. He denies that he has feelings for Brittini, but they are far from convinced.

    Dave heads to the iO West theater to host a show for the first time. Though he's nervous, he manages to pull himself together and does a great job. After the show, he gets compliments from both Kimberly and boss James. Having rallied back from his drunken debacle, Dave is feelin' good.

    Later, Brittini and Will hit the clubs for another night of "harmless" flirting. As they head back to The Real World house, Brittini stops Will on the sidewalk to discuss what's been going on between them. Will rants at Brittini about how disrespectful it is to flirt with another girl's man, but Brittini says she just wants be friends and thinks everything should be fine as long as nothing happens between them.

    Of course, the tension doesn't end there, and the two retreat to the confessional to really hash things out. When Will says that Brittini will never be as important to him as Janelle is, Brittini has heard enough. She storms off, which is fine with Will, who plans to distance himself from her as much as possible.

    The next morning, Brittini gives the other girls the full report. They aren't surprised to learn that Will hasn't been completely honest about his level of involvement in the flirting. When Will gives Nick his version of the breakdown, Nick agrees that it's probably best if he stays faithful to Janelle.

    Dave, still riding the high from his successful hosting gig, gets the opportunity to do another hosting session for his friend's comedy tour. The night is a success, and Dave even manages to sneak in a few jokes of his own, getting a great response from the crowd.

    The next time Janelle visits the house, she and Will can't keep their hands off each other while Brittini does her best to ignore them. But the real question is: how long can Will ignore her?