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  1. Despite the adjustments he's had to make since moving back to The Real World house, Joey is 30 days sober and feeling great. Yet, there is trouble on the horizon: Joey's friend Mike is coming for a visit. Mike introduced Joey to a lot of......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. After some serious thinking Joey realizes that he's not happy in the house and that he needs to go home so he can stay on the wagon.


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About Episode

  1. Despite the adjustments he's had to make since moving back to The Real World house, Joey is 30 days sober and feeling great. Yet, there is trouble on the horizon: Joey's friend Mike is coming for a visit. Mike introduced Joey to a lot of substances, and Joey admits to Sarah that he's scared he'll be tempted back into his old habits.

    Will sets up a meeting between Brianna and Max Gousse, a big-time music producer, so Brianna can show off her pipes. Max likes what he hears, so he gives Brianna some advice and tells her to call him when she's 100% ready. Brianna calls her mom to tell her the good news, but her mom is concerned that Brianna doesn't have a back-up plan since they both know how lazy she can be.

    Later, Joey's friends from home that don't do drugs, John and Joe, come to visit. John and Joe are both supportive of Joey's sobriety, and the three pals chill at a hookah bar. It's a relaxing time, but in the back of Joey's mind are concerns about Mike's impending visit.

    When Joey gets back to The Real World house, Mike calls and is all riled up. Apparently he's been waiting across the street for over an hour and is ready to party. Joey tells Mike that he can't go to the places where Mike wants to go, so if Mike wants to see him he'll have to come inside the house. Mike is completely insensitive to Joey's needs and seems incapable of understanding what Joey is going through. Brianna, Joe and John are all supportive of Joey's decision to stay home -- but that doesn't stop Mike from calling again and angrily berating Joey.

    The next morning, there is a mysterious bag on the lawn. Inside, Joey finds gifts that Mike had brought from Chicago. While Joey acknowledges the friendly gesture, he realizes he is going to have to cut ties with Mike if he's going to stay sober.

    In order to deal with his increasing anxiety, Joey turns to smoking cigars and drinking coffee. Sarah doesn't think that Joey is choosing healthy coping mechanisms, but when she tells him that caffeine is only going to make him more anxious, he doesn't want to hear it. Later, Joey tells Dave how frustrated he is that Sarah keeps trying to mother him, saying that it just makes him want to go out and get wasted.

    An avid supporter of Brianna's music career, Will talks to Brianna about slowly working her way up in the industry. He encourages her to take the next step and get her voice heard. Heeding Will's advice, Brianna starts singing where she knows she can find an audience -- on a street corner in Hollywood.

    Back at the The Real World pad, Joey gives Sarah the cold shoulder. Frustrated, Sarah talks to her boyfriend, Ryan, about how hard it is to sit back and watch Joey make destructive choices.

    The next day, Molly, an actress who performs at iO West, comes over to take head shots of Joey. Feeling like he can confide in her, Joey admits that he doesn't think he'll be able to stay in Hollywood; it's just not the environment he needs after coming out of rehab. He also confesses that he's considering giving up acting because he is afraid he can't handle failure.

    Seriously contemplating going home, Joey tells his roommates he wants to read them the goodbye letter he wrote while in rehab. However, no one but Sarah seems interested. His roommates' bland reactions only reinforce Joey's desire to go home. Sarah goes to talk to Joey while he plays pool, but Joey tells her that he is miserable and depressed all the time and just wants to leave.

    At the iO West, Chandra tells The Real Worlders about a benefit concert at the Hard Rock Cafe called Donate Life. To Brianna's surprise, Alex Band, a member of The Calling, has requested that Brianna sing a song with him at the event. She is ecstatic!

    But when Joey tells Brianna about his decision to go home, she is upset that Joey doesn't see in himself the potential that she sees. She encourages him to push through the hard times and Joey says that he'll give it some more thought, but every day since he's been back from rehab has been worse and worse.

    Brianna's friends are in town and they accompany her to a rehearsal with Alex Band. Brianna is nervous about being onstage with the star, but when he gives her some words of wisdom, she feels as if she is moving in the right direction.

    Meanwhile, Joey talks to his grandmother about whether he should head home, and she encourages him to give it up if that's how he is really feeling. It looks like Joey has finally cemented his decision to say goodbye to The Real World.

    It's Joey's last night in the house and, at 1:30 a.m., Dave and Will decide that they are not going to let their time with Joey end on such a sour note. It's time to initiate Operation Condor -- the boys are going to a strip club! Loaded with dollar bills, Will, Dave and Joey have the time of their lives slammin' down waters at the club. And after Joey gets a lap dance, he is feeling especially great.

    Even after having a fun night out in Hollywood, Joey still feels that he has to go home. It's no longer just about missing an opportunity versus sticking it out; it's about life versus death.

    Joey finally reads his goodbye letter to his roommates. The letter tells the story of the tragedies addiction caused in his life, including an attempted suicide. After Joey bares his soul, The Real World roommates finally feel like they understand what he's been going through -- if only a little too late.

    After saying a hard and emotional goodbye to Joey, The Real Worlders venture to the Hard Rock Cafe to see Brianna perform "What Is Love" with Alex Band. Though Brianna missed her chance to say goodbye to Joey, things are finally starting to look up for her music career as she has her first Hollywood moment.