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  1. After being in rehab for 30 days, Joey finally returns to Stage 20. Joey is more than happy to be back, and his roommates are equally as pumped. Joey has not even unpacked and settled in before Dave approaches him to let him know that he will be......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. After 28 days in rehab Joey returns to the house just in time to see Greg get fired for skipping work again.


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About Episode

  1. After being in rehab for 30 days, Joey finally returns to Stage 20. Joey is more than happy to be back, and his roommates are equally as pumped.

    Joey has not even unpacked and settled in before Dave approaches him to let him know that he will be going out that night because his friends are in town. And sure enough, not only Dave, but everyone else goes out on Joey's first night back. Joey is too tired to go, so alone in the house, he works out and wonders if he made the right choice coming back. Meanwhile out in Hollywood, the roommates are not entirely unconcerned about Joey. They discuss how hard it must be for Joey to come back to this environment just out of rehab.

    Post work-out, Joey talks on the phone to Shannon, his friend from rehab, and tells her he is scared, and with none of his roommates there to comfort him, he wishes he was still in rehab. Shannnon is angry that it is Joey's first night back and his roommates are out at a club.

    Sarah comes back early and acknowledges that Joey is feeling a lack of support. She wants to give Joey that support he needs and isn't getting from the other roommates.

    After a rowdy night at the club, the rest of the roommates come back late, and while Dave makes out with one of his friends, the rest of them make noise in the kitchen. Joey, already unhappy with his disrespectful roommates, wakes up at 4:30 in the morning to their drunken rowdiness.

    At the IO, Charna is excited that Joey is back. She reminds everyone of their improve show, the Cage Match, they will be performing in only three days. Joey, being thrown right back into the mix, feels very behind and doesn't understand what is going on.

    While all The Real Worlders are grabbing drinks at Big Wangs, Will introduces himself to Janelle from the cast of The Real World Key West. Janelle gets Will's digits, and Will tells her he wants to have her look at his work because she has connections within the music industry.

    Later, Janelle calls Will and tells him that she listened to his music and is giving him the number for a good friend of hers who can look at his work.

    Joey expresses his concern to Brianna that the roommates are not really being accommodating and lets her know that he is disappointed they all went out drinking his first night back. Brianna thinks that nobody owes anything to anybody and tells Joey she will continue to do whatever she feels like doing. Simultaneously, Dave shotguns beers in the kitchen with his friends-no surprise there.

    Greg's mom calls and tells him that her friend, Julius, might be able to get Greg into a modeling show. Julius tells Greg that he can get him in a show on Thursday-the same day as the improv performance. Greg goes to Birds of Prey Warehouse to meet fashion designer, Peter Ross, and fashion show producer, Jeffery Relf, and to practice modeling for them. Greg is too much on the "beefy side" for what they want for their show, so it looks like Greg will be able to still make the improv show anyway.

    Joey goes out with the rest of the crew for the first time to see a show at the improv theater Surrounded by alcohol, Joey's anxiety sky-rockets, and he can't handle it.

    Back at the house, Joey tells Dave that he feels misunderstood and that he doesn't want to be put in those situations. After Dave tells Joey that situations like that are going to be everywhere, Joey is afraid he is going to relapse. Dave talks with Will and Sarah about how none of them are prepared to deal with addiction and a recovering alcoholic. Dave wants to be there for Joey, but he will only go so far.

    Will meets Janelle at a bar and on the way home they stop for Chinese food. Will is developing a "kindergarten crush" on her and wants to get to know her more.

    Brianna calls Charna to tell her that she will not be able to make it to the show because she has to go back home for a court date pertaining to her prior arrest.

    While the roommates practice for their show at the IO, Charna tells Joey that he is going to perform in the show despite his absence because she thinks he is ready-Joey thinks otherwise.

    The roommates are all making drinks in the kitchen at Stage 20, and when Joey comes home, they continue drinking. Sarah, once again being the comfort Joey needs, leaves with him and they ride to the improv show together.

    As the roommates gather at the IO before their show, they notice that Greg is missing. Not surprisingly, Greg opted to go to the fashion show after-party instead of performing in their improv show. The roommates, aside from Brianna and Greg, perform the Cage Match, and although they don't win, they feel awesome they finished their first show. Joey, however, walks outside angry because he is upset with how he performed. Venting to Sarah about how he has never wanted to drink more in his life, Sarah tells him to calm down and is once again the only one there for him.

    Sarah and Joey call Dr. Gilman, the addiction treatment counselor who came to talk to the house before Joey's return. Joey tells her that the plan of action they all agreed on is not really being adhered to. Charna comes to the house to talk Joey through his frustration.

    As the roommates return from the IO and Greg returns from his fashion show party, they have another late night party and wake up Joey once again. Joey is getting burnt out from all their disrespectful partying.

    Sarah, too, is starting to feel burnt out because she is the only one comforting Joey. Bearing such a heavy burden, she calls Charna and tells her she doesn't feel well and can't make it to class that day.

    During improv class, Charna, who is completely supportive of Joey's sobriety, tells the roommates that they have to help Joey if they don't want to lose him. Charna then buckles down and fires Greg for missing yet another improv event, and when she tells him he must leave Hollywood and go home to Florida, none of the other roommates stand up for him.

    Returning to Stage 20 for the last time to pack his bags, Greg calls Reva to have her come pick him up. Brianna calls to say she is not in jail, and as the roommates perform their second improv show, Joey is finally getting his confidence back.