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  1. As Greg sits down in the kitchen to eat with his cousin and friend, his breakfast quickly turns awkward as Will walks into the kitchen and neither says a word to each other. Greg is still mad at Will for trying to get with Reva in the confessional......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. From near fist-fights to makeout sessions -- this week the roomies are all over the drama map as they have their biggest fight yet followed by everyone stripping down and jumping in the hot tub.


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About Episode

  1. As Greg sits down in the kitchen to eat with his cousin and friend, his breakfast quickly turns awkward as Will walks into the kitchen and neither says a word to each other. Greg is still mad at Will for trying to get with Reva in the confessional room, and his cousin determines to fight Will next time he gets in Greg's face. Greg leaves to take out his unspoken anger against a punching bag.

    Kim and Sarah come into kitchen and are disgusted by mess that Greg left. Dave, Kim and Sarah get mad that Greg never cleans up when he is the only person that ever cooks. Kim leaves Greg a note from her, Sarah, and Dave that tells Greg to take out the "chicken trash." Greg snidely dismisses Kim's note.

    Sarah, Dave, and Kim go to brush their teeth only to find that their toothbrushes have grease on them. All three immediately blame Greg and are becoming fed up with his prankster antics. Dave is particularly infuriated and dumps out Dave's food, takes dishes outside, and sprays down the kitchen. Dave vents his anger to Will and Will agrees that no one in the house trusts or believes in Greg because of his pranks.

    Will talks to his dad on the phone about Greg and his disrespectful attitude. His dad tells him it's a temporary situation, but Will confesses that he has so much anger built up and his attempts to meditate do not get rid of the anger sitting inside of him. Will relentlessly punches a palm tree- to release his anger-probably not the type of meditation his dad was talking about-while Greg watches with confusion from behind. Still angry, Will says wants to turn his anger directly at Greg.

    Dave confronts Greg about the messy kitchen and the greasy toothbrushes. Greg gives him the cold shoulder and denies putting grease on the toothbrushes. Instead, Greg says he took Kimberly's and Sarah's toothbrushes and brushed the countertop, the sink, the bottom of his shoe and the floor. On his last nerve, Dave tells Greg to clean up or else "hurricane Dave will be on his ass."

    To her excitement, Kim's friends show up with her dogs. Likewise, Sarah's family is visiting. In front of her family, things get heated with Greg and Sarah in the kitchen as Greg blames Sarah for cock blocking. Sarah and Greg continue to argue as Greg tells lies to cover himself up. Will enters the dispute and calls Greg out on his insecurities and egotistical attitude, ultimately telling Greg to man up. Despite Brianna's attempts to intervene, Will continues fighting, but this time uses the ultimate low blow and brings Greg's deceased father into the fight. Dave sides with Will as the violence escalates. Dave punches the wall and Will throws stuff at Greg, who calls to have Will removed from the house.

    Will is forced to leave the house for the night and stay in a hotel. Will breaks down and confesses to Kimberly and Sarah how he just wanted to protect people in the house because he was always picked on and can't stand by and watch other people get picked on who can't defend themselves. Dave doesn't think Will is coming back, but hopes he doesn't go, regardless of whether or not he crossed the line. On the other hand, Brianna feels for Greg and lets Greg know that she is proud of him for being the bigger person.

    The next morning, Dave talks to his Mom about his conflicting feelings. He doesn't hate Greg, but felt like he needed to take a side in the fight. His mom tries to convince him to come home, but Dave decides to tough it out and realizes that maybe he isn't as tough as people, including himself, think he is.

    Dave tells Greg that he doesn't hate him and didn't need to get involved last night. Dave confesses he must have negative feelings pent up inside him toward Greg but doesn't know where they come from because Greg never did anything wrong toward him. Greg doesn't think there should be any more conflict between him and Dave.

    Will comes back after his night away and The Real Worlders have a house meeting to talk about things that need to change. Dave starts and says he doesn't have an aggression problem, but the way that he has been dealing with things in the house is the reason why he blew up at Greg. He says he needs to directly confront the person with whom he has a problem rather than talk to others about it. Will apologizes to everyone, yet believes he still can't win with Greg and will never be able to trust Greg again. Greg promises to stop his pranks, but wants to talk to Will privately about their issues.

    One on one, Greg says that he is the victim because Will kissed a Reva, a female in Greg's "inner circle." Since Will can't trust Greg anymore, Will does not regret his actions with Reva and has to walk away from the argument.

    Joey calls the house and talks to Kim, who updates him on the escalating tension and fight between Greg, Will, and Dave.

    Will and Dave, much to their dismay, have to go to anger management class as a result of their violent behavior toward Greg. Sarah thinks Will and Dave have anger management problems, and she thinks, along with Kim, that the classes will be beneficial for the guys. Dave, however, just thinks he has an aggressive personality-not an anger management problem. Will is glad Dave is being subjected to the classes as well, and both are skeptical about whether or not the classes will help.

    During his first session, Dave is at first unreceptive to his anger management counselor and only opens his mouth to say, "no comment." But when the counselor starts talking about karate and the effectiveness of defensive moves, Dave is intrigued and realizes that maybe an aggressive stance isn't the best way to handle things with his roommates. Kimberly meets Dave after his session, and they both are excited about bringing Joey back to the pad.

    All The RealWorlders go to visit Joey and it's all smiles as everyone is happy to be reunited. Brianna even cries because she is happy that Joey is doing well and happy again. Joey has finished the three steps of rehab and informs his roommates that he can not be part of the party scene anymore. He's written a goodbye letter to all substances that he plans to read to his roommates when he returns from rehab. Everyone lets Joey know they are all there to help him and the roommates seem ready to make the necessary changes needed to help Joey when he returns.

    Back at the house, the tone changes slightly as Brianna says she came to Hollywood to network so she might not be as willing to give up partying. Sarah worries that, despite what was said, they all might not be willing to take the necessary steps knowing there is a recovering alcoholic in the house.

    And not surprisingly, they all head out for a wild night in Hollywood. Upon returning to the house late night quite, Kim in particular having too much to drink, everyone gets in the hot tub naked-except Sarah. Upon Will's request, everyone, wet and naked, goes to jump on Sarah in bed, who isn't as receptive as they had hoped. Kim thinks that Sarah is just too innocent and her boyfriend at home causes her to have a different lifestyle. The mayhem returns back to the hot tub as a make-out session starts. First, Dave and Brianna and then Kim gets her turn. Then Kim moves to Greg, who then moves on to Brianna. Kim confesses she is everything she doesn't want to be that night.

    Barely able to speak coherent sentences, Greg forgives Will and he tells Will that he understands how Will hooking up with Reva was just a spur of the moment thing. Will refuses to argue with Greg due to his intoxicated state, and again, he walks away leaving Dave and Reva together in the kitchen.

    Will attends an anger management session where he admits that calling out Greg's personal life was inappropriate and that he wants to get along with Greg.

    At the iO, Greg and Will do an improve scene together about "popping each others balloons." The other roommates smile as they are witnessing what might be the start to the end of Greg and Will's animosity toward each other.

    An addiction treatment counselor comes to the house to talk to Joey's roommates about Joey and the changes that will need to be made to help Joey continue to recover when he returns. Being around alcohol and a party atmosphere will definitely be "red flags" for Joey, so the counselor urges them to get creative about things to do that don't involve drugs or alcohol. If the roommates really want Joey back in the house, it will be a group effort and sacrifices will have to be made. After the counselor leaves, they all deliberate about the necessary changes they need to make, and while Kim and Dave agree to not be drunk in the house and cut back on the nights they go out, Brianna is still concerned that everyone will still be able to have fun. Sarah voices that Hollywood is immersed in "red flags," and she doesn't think that, despite what her roommates say, anything is going to change.