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  1. After hearing his roommates do a confessional about him, Greg realizes that he doesn't like most of the roommates. Kimberly admits to having feelings for Dave. Dave meets Justine and brings her back to the house, which upsets Kimberly. Will,......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Sarah's boyfriend comes to town at just the wrong time as the tension between Greg and all the roommates reaches its breaking point.


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About Episode

  1. After hearing his roommates do a confessional about him, Greg realizes that he doesn't like most of the roommates. Kimberly admits to having feelings for Dave. Dave meets Justine and brings her back to the house, which upsets Kimberly. Will, knowing that Sarah has a boyfriend kisses her anyway. Sarah's boyfriend asks if Sarah told him that she had a boyfriend and she swears that he already knew that.

    Ryan, Sarah's boyfriend comes to visit. When he arrives she jumps into his arms and tells him how much she has missed him. At dinner later, Will and Ryan share a few awkward moments as Will proceeds to have a burping contest with Sarah. When Greg returns home, he makes sure to introduce himself to Ryan. Meanwhile the rest of the roommates are in a playful mood and wrestling around the house. When Greg brings a girl home for Dave, Kimberly is left alone. Will tells Kimberly to confront Dave, but she doesn't want to. One of Greg and Dave's guest make a comment saying that Brianna is ghetto and she starts ranting about how the guests are whores. Brianna and Greg proceed to have a shouting match. "I hope you catch herpes," Bri tells Greg. "You won't let me catch it," Greg replies. After Brianna walks away from Greg he starts in with Sarah. Sarah charges out of her room and confronts Greg on his behavior towards women. Greg sees Ryan standing behind Sarah and tells Ryan that if he wants to fight he will get beat up. Ryan tells Greg that he doesn't want to fight but insists that Greg not to call Sarah a bitch and also that Greg not call women "hoes".

    Ryan admits that the argument with Greg felt like a real fight. Brianna decides that she likes Ryan because he isn't the type of guy that would fight with Greg. Kimberly admits to her Mom that she has been getting close to Dave, but says that she doesn't want to get to close. That night at the IO Dave admits to Justine that he had people over the night before. Justine tells him that he doesn't have to explain to her. Back at the house Dave and Justine do a confessional together and proceed to make out in the confessional booth. Kimberly sees an opportunity and informs Justine and her friends that Dave has been intimate with other girls in the past few nights. Justine and her friends decide to leave the house. Dave gets so mad that he threatens to knock out the girls if they even look at him wrong. Greg looks up at Dave and tells him that Justine wasn't that hot so he shouldn't be upset. Dave gets very defensive and starts to yell at Greg, his anger towards the girls being channeled at Greg.

    Inside the house Dave is still mad at Greg. Brianna takes Greg's "associate" Reva aside and warns her about Greg. Greg tells Reva t5hat she can't talk with any of the females in the house or he won't be her friend anymore. Brianna and Will take some time to soak their feet and talk about Greg. When Greg comes outside and wonders what they were talking about Brianna ends up telling him that he is a dog because of his chauvinist attitude towards women.

    Sarah discovers that all of her brand new underwear has been stolen. She confronts Greg, but he swears that he didn't take the missing underwear. Sarah tells Ryan about her missing things and cries that she can't live like this. Sarah calls her parents and they comfort her about her missing things. When she is done with her call, Greg tries to get in to use the phone, but Sarah stubbornly keeps the phone away from Greg, even though her boyfriend tells her to let it go. Sarah realizes that she doesn't want to leave the house. Greg admits to some of the pranks to Will but still denies taking Sarah's underwear.

    Ryan's visit is over and he leaves Stage 20. Later, Brianna decides to search Greg's belongings for Sarah's missing underwear. She doesn't find it. That night at a club, Greg admits to Will that he took the underwear. Will informs Dave of Greg's confession. Back at the house, Will takes his aggression towards Greg out on a punching bag. Greg wonders what Will's problem is and Will tells him that he needs to return Sarah's missing underwear. After Sarah finds her missing things Will tells her about Greg's admission of guilt. The roommates discuss how they can't trust Greg anymore and Dave says that he would love to kick Greg's ass. Will makes a move on Greg's "associate" Reva. On the dance floor Will and Reva start to kiss.

    Later that night Reva calls for Greg and he informs her that he is upset with her. Reva denies anything happening and Greg decides to invite her over to the house. Once Reva is at the house she wastes no time in asking Kimberly about Will. Kimberly informs Reva of Greg's pranks. When Will enters the room, Kimberly agrees to be the look out for Reva and Will so they can spend some time alone. Greg searches the house for Reva to no avail. When he tries to look in the confessional booth the door is slammed shut on his face.

    Greg worries that Reva and Greg are doing something in the confessional, and is right. When Will and Reva exit the confessional, Reva lies to Greg and says that they were just talking in there. Greg believes Reva and forgives her, as long as she agrees to stay away from his roommates. Kimberly finds the whole situation comical when Will tells them about Greg being mad at him and not Reva.