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  1. Brianna and Dave head out to lunch and discuss how Kim is not Dave's type. Meanwhile, at home, Kim discusses how she may have feelings for Dave but doesn't want to show it. Greg is getting a manicure and tells the worker that he is in Hollywood to......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. When Dave hooks up with another girl, Kim proves that her attraction is more than physical. Meanwhile, Brianna brings JoJo home again, upsetting the roommates.


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About Episode

  1. Brianna and Dave head out to lunch and discuss how Kim is not Dave's type. Meanwhile, at home, Kim discusses how she may have feelings for Dave but doesn't want to show it.

    Greg is getting a manicure and tells the worker that he is in Hollywood to be a model. Brianna jokes around and walks like a model while Greg tells us that he has a possible modeling job and is looking forward to working the runway.

    Dave and Kim continue to flirt before going to a club and Sarah feels like the "friends with benefits" relationship may not turn out well.

    The roommates head to the club where Dave is rejected by Kim when he is flirting. Dave then finds another girl, Justine, to dance with and invites her and her friend back to the house. Kim dances, but wonders where Dave went since he is not around her. Kim is now frantically looking for Dave in the club and comes across him and Justine. Kim is not happy at this sight and gets emotional with the roommates' friend Hector by her side. Kim continues to dance with guys in the club, but then leaves to go home. She spots Dave and Justine walking home and then gets sad and emotional at this sight once more. Kim begins to cry as she, Hector and Greg make their way home.

    Greg warns Dave that when Kim gets home she will be upset to see Justine. Dave then asks for assistance in the matter from Brianna. Kim arrives home, drunk and an emotional wreck. She is not happy to see Justine, but only makes subtle gestures behind her back without any confrontation.

    Kim is crying in the phone room while Dave wonders what is wrong with Kim. Dave walks his new friend Justine out and Brianna tells Dave that Kim is probably crying because of him.

    Greg learns that his fashion show may conflict with improv class, but vows to try and skim improve to take part in the show.

    Kim and Dave share awkward silence in the kitchen and the process of ignoring each other has begun due to the prior events.

    The roommates head to improv class and let Charna know that Joey went to rehab and Greg is missing part of class to get a haircut. The roommates do some exercises and Greg arrives late. Greg tells Charna he has a fashion show and will not attend the mandatory shows that night. Charna agrees, but tells Greg to work harder at improv.

    Greg heads to the fashion show rehearsal and is excited.

    Dave and Will discuss how Greg is blowing off improv even though this is their job. The roommates enjoy an improv performance at the IO.

    Greg is across town at the fashion show and walks the runway, which he seems to really enjoy.

    Charna discusses with the roommates at the IO that Greg should be a part of the team to be successful at improv. Dave says that the job is important to everyone except Greg.

    The roommates meet up with Greg outside of Vice and Dave gets in an argument with Greg because Greg thinks Dave should have gone to his fashion show instead of the IO. Dave taps Greg in the face with newspaper, but then they make up over the misunderstanding.

    At home Kim tells Sarah how she won't sleep without resolving her conflict with Dave. Sarah advises Kim to go talk to him.

    Kim heads to Dave's room to talk and the two make up, and end up back in bed together making out and flirting.

    Will accompanies Brianna to get her hair done by the hairdresser, Mimi. Will tells Mimi about his ambitions to be in the music industry. Brianna tells her ambitions as well, but says it seems like a lot of work.

    At the house, Will encourages Brianna to make changes in her life so she can be successful in the music business.

    Sarah and Kim gossip about how Brianna leaves all of her stuff out in the bathroom. Kim and Sarah take Brianna's stuff and hide it under the "dock" in the office area, giggling the whole time at their mischief.

    The roommates head to the club and Brianna begins to make out with JoJo. Sarah and Kim begin to comment how JoJo is a scum bag, but Brianna is not happy with this commentary.

    Brianna brings JoJo back to the house and the two get cozy with each other. They take their action to the bedroom where they begin to have sex while Sarah is wide awake. Sarah stomps out of the room upset by the disrespect from her roommate.

    Sarah angrily calls her mother to complain about the sex occurring in her room. Sarah's mom agrees that the behavior is wrong and tells her to find God to deal with it.

    Kim and Sarah recount Brianna's sexual conquest and how disrespectful it was while they were awake.

    Sarah's tantrum continues as she is slamming doors and drawers to wake up Brianna and JoJo who are still in bed.

    Sarah gives JoJo the silent treatment as he says good morning. Brianna comes to the bathroom and finds her stuff missing and Sarah informs her that she placed it under the dock. Brianna is angry.

    Outside, JoJo talks with Brianna and tells her to not get upset over trivial things like this Sarah situation. Brianna just thinks Sarah is being morally wrong. Inside the house, Kim and Sarah continue to mock Brianna and JoJo.

    Will's manager Sebastian sets up a meeting with rapper Sticky Fingaz. Will plays his beats for Sticky and he says Will has potential.

    Back home Sarah calls her dad to discuss the Brianna issue, while Will talks with Brianna about it. Brianna tries to understand Sarah's point of view, but thinks Sarah is very judgmental and close minded, but wants to make things right between them. Sarah's dad advises her to try to get along with Brianna and "love" her for who she is. Sarah is reluctant but finally agrees that's what she needs to do.

    Sarah heads to church on a Sunday morning and ponders the differences between Brianna and herself.

    Sticky Fingaz emailed Will telling him that he could work on his upcoming album possibly. Will is excited and goes to celebrate with Brianna. Will and Brianna both feel that more effort needs to be put into Brianna's music career.

    Brianna parties with JoJo later that night, but claims that she needs to move on with her life now and focus on herself.

    Brianna heads into the bedroom and resolves the conflict she had with Sarah. They agree to try to understand each other's points of view.

    The next day by the pool, Brianna begins attempting to write a song.