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  1. As The Real World roommates continue to get to know each other, secrets are spilled, tempers flare and relationships run from steaming hot to icy cold. Kimberly and Dave's blossoming relationship is flirty and fun, and they like to cuddle and......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Joey reveals to the house that he's had a problem with alcohol in the past, but after a hard night of partying the monster comes out and Joey once again hates who he becomes.


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About Episode

  1. As The Real World roommates continue to get to know each other, secrets are spilled, tempers flare and relationships run from steaming hot to icy cold.

    Kimberly and Dave's blossoming relationship is flirty and fun, and they like to cuddle and occasionally hookup. But they both say they're not looking for a serious relationship. Yet, when Kimberly gets all sweaty while dirty dancing with another guy one night, Dave gets a little jealous. After the dance floor fling, Kimberly admits she "kind of" likes Dave, who says he's "smitten." But when pressed by the other Real Worlders they both claim they're just joking. Yeah, right.

    While out in Hollywood, Joey starts the night off by insisting he's not going to drink. After being pressured by his roomies, he admits to Brianna and Dave that he has a problem handling his alcohol and is afraid his inner "monster" will rear its ugly head if he drinks too much. Despite being pissed that people are forcing drinks on him, Joey finally caves and sips a glass of champagne. He watches enviously as the rest of The Real Worlders take shots. Seeing how much fun they're having, Joey gives in and orders a drink.

    After downing a few more drinks, Joey gets flirty with Brianna and the two end up making out. But Brianna quickly goes from being hot and heavy with Joey to making out with a random girl. After the kiss, she freaks out when her mouth goes numb and realizes the girl must have been doing cocaine. When Brianna gets back to The Real World house, she tells Sarah that she once struggled with a meth addiction, which turned into a coke problem. Now that she's had another taste of the drug, she's afraid she'll go on a downward spiral again.

    When Joey stumbles back to the house with a blonde girl on his arm, Brianna realizes that she gets totally turned off when she sees this side of him. Not wanting to deal with his drunken antics, she gets ready for bed. When Joey confronts Brianna about why she's upset, she refuses to talk to him. He angrily storms off, threatening to leave the Hollywood house. When he and Brianna finally talk, Joey starts crying and saying that he doesn't want to live anymore. Talk about a buzz kill.

    The next day, Joey calls a friend to talk about how ashamed he is of how he acted. He resolves to try to stay on the straight and narrow. Joey apologizes to Brianna for his behavior the night before, and she tells him about her ongoing struggle with addiction. She says that now that she knows he has a problem, they can work together to beat their addictions.

    After apologizing, Joey beats the crap out of a punching bag until his knuckles rip open and bleed. Brianna gets freaked out by Joey's anger issues and realizes she's not interested in him anymore. She's doesn't want to deal with extra baggage while she's trying to work through her own problems.

    As if there's not enough drama going on in The Real World house, Dave finds a bloody napkin in his bed. When he tells Kimberly about the incident, she reveals that Will found rocks in his bed. When Dave rants about the incident, Greg just laughs, causing the roomies to speculate that he's behind the pranks.

    Soon, though, The Real Worlders get distracted from their problems when they receive a letter with a mysterious message telling them to meet someone named Andy at iO West, an improv comedy theater. Could this be about their job?

    When the gang arrives, they are greeted by comedian Andy Dick, who tells them that instead of working they will be taking improv classes! While the rest of The Real World roomies jump for joy, Greg insults Andy by saying he's never heard of him.

    Despite Greg's rudeness, Andy takes everyone inside to meet Charna, an acting coach. As she explains what they'll be learning, Greg looks bored. Then, when everyone celebrates with a drink, Greg wanders off and stares blankly out a window. Greg says he's just trying to take everything in, but the other Real Worlders are ticked about how rude he's being.

    Later, Joey, Kimberly and Sarah stay home while everyone else goes out to party. Out and about in Hollywood, Brianna ends up going wild and making out with a guy named JoJo. When she brings JoJo back to the house, Dave announces that JoJo's nickname is HoHo because he gets around. Sarah and the rest of The Real Worlders try to talk Brianna out of letting him stay over. When Joey gets wind of what's going on, he sulks on the couch. In the end, Brianna decides to send JoJo home, making him promise they'll hang out another time.

    After seeing Joey so down in the dumps over Brianna, Greg reveals that he thinks Brianna is playing games. Meanwhile, Brianna admits to Sarah that she is just playing with Joey because it makes her feel good.

    Before going to bed, Greg finds $100 bills strategically placed around his bed and loudly asks who put them there. When Will goes to investigate the situation, he decides that Greg is just trying to cover up for his earlier pranks.

    During The Real Worlders first class at iO West, Charna has them all give improv their best shot. Greg does a good job of making everyone laugh during his scenes, but proves to be difficult when he refuses to go to a mandatory comedy show that night. When a disappointed Charna calls Greg up, he swears this will be the only time he bails.

    After the comedy show, Brianna calls JoJo but can't reach him. Joey tries to console her by saying she could do better -- namely, she could have him. But Brianna says she thinks Joey's more into himself than anyone else. Before Joey flies off the handle over her comment, Greg pulls him inside and reveals there's a hot girl coming over to see him. The chick only has eyes for Joey, and Greg hopes that this will stop Joey from pursuing Brianna. When Joey meets the beautiful Shalee, he agrees it's indeed time to stop pining over Brianna. Easier said than done, though, right?