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  1. It's week two and The Real World: Hollywood crew is already knee-deep in drama. Sarah calls her boyfriend, Ryan, and reveals that Will has a crush on her. Ryan doesn't take the news very well, but Sarah assures him not to worry. Meanwhile, Will......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Tempers flare when Kimberly and Brianna both invite house guests over to party. Meanwhile, Greg attempts to bond better with the other roomies.


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  1. It's week two and The Real World: Hollywood crew is already knee-deep in drama.

    Sarah calls her boyfriend, Ryan, and reveals that Will has a crush on her. Ryan doesn't take the news very well, but Sarah assures him not to worry. Meanwhile, Will asks Brianna to help him cook up a plan to win Sarah over. As Sarah tells Ryan she loves him, Will and Brianna pinky swear to bust up the long-distance relationship.

    Looking for a change of scenery -- you know, something other than bars and clubs -- The Real Worlders go on a daytime tour of Hollywood. During lunch, Greg isolates himself by sitting at a separate table. Will decides to make an effort by sitting down with Greg, who talks trash about everyone.

    Despite disagreeing with Greg's point of view, Will agrees to spend a little one-on-one time with Greg the next night. Greg plans to take Will to a club where there will be important people who might be able to help them get ahead in their music careers. Even thought it's Sarah's birthday, Will decides to go -- after all, he's in Hollywood to launch his music career. Plus, he assumes Sarah won't care.

    During Sarah's pre-birthday dinner, Greg tries to ease the tension with his Real World housemates. Greg and Joey make nice as Greg teaches Joey how to use chopsticks. But then Sarah gets upset when Will says he and Greg are heading to a club on her actual birthday.

    When the guys chat up a blonde with hardcore cleavage, Dave gives the girl their phone number and address. Looking on, the girls disgustedly point out how desperate the guys seem. Kimberly, who feels a connection with Dave, is especially offended that Dave is trying to pick up a big-breasted bimbo.

    Back at The Real World house, the girls confront Dave and tell him that being desperate isn't attractive. Just as Dave finishes smoothing things over with his female roomies, the doorbell rings -- it's the girl from the bar!

    The guys hide behind the couch as Brianna confronts the girl head-on, telling her she can't come in. Instead, Dave invites Kimberly into his bed for the night. She climbs in but doesn't quite give the green light to take things to the next level.

    When Sarah's 21st birthday rolls around, Will and Greg head out to drink, flirt and "do business." In another part of Hollywood, Sarah meets guys left and right who are more than willing to buy her birthday drinks. After getting a little tipsy, she pulls a Dave and gives her address and phone number to one of the guys. Um, doesn't she have a boyfriend?!

    Once back at the house, Dave is tucking a nauseous Sarah into bed when the doorbell rings. The tables have turned -- it's one of Sarah's suitors from the bar! Sarah springs out of bed, only to realize she is really drunk. She tells the guy he'll have to take a rain check as Joey shuts the door in his face. When Will hears what happened, he thinks Sarah has "cheater potential," which gives him hope.

    Things are also getting hopeful between Brianna and Joey. As she watches him in the pool, she tells him she thinks he's hot. Joey admits he's attracted to Brianna but doesn't feel comfortable hooking up because he has too much on his mind. But their actions say otherwise when they crawl into bed together and make out.

    Later, Sarah and Kimberly warn Brianna not to give it up to Joey too soon. But Brianna says she could care less if Joey respects her, she just wants to have fun. During their talk, Brianna admits she got pregnant when she was 19 and started stripping so she could afford to have an abortion. After hearing her story, Sarah and Kimberly make it their mission to change Brianna's wild ways.

    The Real Worlders go out the next night and everyone drinks hard and fast, which turns out to be a bad combination. Kimberly and several other roommates wind up bringing a few people home for an after-party.

    Meanwhile, Brianna meets two guys, a singer and a producer who claim they want her to sing on a couple of their tracks. But when Brianna tries to bring them inside the house, she learns there's a "guest max" and the guys can't come in until someone else leaves. When Kimberly and the other roomies refuse to force their guests to go, Brianna starts talking trash outside. Kimberly confronts her and the two girls get into a screaming match. When Kimberly calls Brianna "ghetto," Brianna threatens to punch Kimberly before being pulled away.

    The tension continues to escalate when Joey starts some arm wrestling matches that get a little too intense. Brianna sees a different side of Joey when, eyes bugging and veins popping, he forcefully slaps her hand away when she tries to calm him down.

    The next morning, Greg mediates the ongoing fight between Brianna and Kimberly, who make amends -- for the moment. Then, Brianna tells Joey what a scary person he becomes when he drinks. Joey calls his grandma to discuss the situation. He confesses that he really doesn't like going out and drinking, but he feels pressured to do it.

    Several hours later, Joey still feels ashamed about his behavior, even though Dave assures him he did nothing wrong. Joey tells Dave he doesn't want to drink anymore, but Dave doesn't take him seriously.

    That night, everyone parties as usual, except for Joey, Kimberly and Sarah, who all agree that they don't like who they are when they're drunk. Even though Joey's getting away with taking it easy this one night, he realizes that Hollywood is all about the party lifestyle ... and he isn't sure he can handle it.