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  1. Seven strangers, all aspiring to make it in the entertainment industry, are moving to Hollywood. Welcome to season 20 of The Real World! The first roommate to arrive in Hollywood is Joey, a Chicago native who thinks he has everything it takes to......  Read Full Episode Summary »


  1. Brianna and Kimberly get heated! Watch a taste of what's to come next week.


  2. The seven roommates settle in to their Hollywood house but the mood turns sour quickly when Greg's personality and arrogance angers the other roommates.


About Episode

  1. Seven strangers, all aspiring to make it in the entertainment industry, are moving to Hollywood. Welcome to season 20 of The Real World!

    The first roommate to arrive in Hollywood is Joey, a Chicago native who thinks he has everything it takes to be an actor: confidence, charisma, good looks and an amazing body. Meanwhile, Kimberly, who just touched down from South Carolina, dreams of being a reporter for E! News. When she meets Joey at Mel's Drive-In, she's impressed by his inviting personality, and even more impressed by the fact that he's a personal trainer.

    Next we meet Dave from Pennsylvania, who isn't sure what he wants to do in Hollywood. Dave is immediately smitten when he meets Sarah, a Phoenix native who just graduated from Arizona State University with a broadcast journalism degree. He's disappointed to learn that the brunette beauty has a boyfriend, but quickly perks up when she says it's a long-distance relationship. Those never work out, right?

    Will and Brianna are the last to meet up, and the two sense an immediate attraction. Originally from Detroit, Will came to Hollywood to be a music producer. Brianna, from Philadelphia, wants to be a singer; she even tried out for American Idol once. Will likes everything about Brianna from the get-go, from her long golden hair to her cute little shoes. When Brianna admits she's only been single for a week, Will is even more intrigued.

    Joey and Kim are the first to arrive at The Real World house. Kim loves that the house looks like an extravagant movie set, while Joey is impressed by the huge outdoor gym. Will and Brianna arrive next and are equally impressed with their new digs. After getting to know each other a little, Joey and Will decide to share a bedroom, as do Kim and Brianna.

    When Dave and Sarah arrive, they're greeted by the excited screams of the other roommates. Everyone discusses the arrival of the final roomie, who was picked by fans. All they know about him is that he's a self-proclaimed "pretty boy" named Greg. Sarah admits that, after doing some online research, she doesn't think she's going to get along with him.

    When Greg finally arrives, his attitude is calm, cool and ... unimpressed, causing some of The Real World roommates to label him as stuck up. He might be good looking and well dressed, but he definitely doesn't come across as friendly.

    Not wanting to waste any time with formalities, Brianna's ready to get the party started, which means drinking up and stripping down. When Kim and Brianna take off their tops, Dave enters the room sans shorts. Looks like this is one wild bunch!

    Later, Greg offends the other Real Worlders when he reveals that he doesn't need or want close relationships with people, especially girls. He thinks friends are more trouble than they're worth. The more Greg talks, the more Sarah's dislike for him grows.

    That night, the roomies head out, dressed to impress for their first night in Hollywood. But the night takes an awkward turn when Greg calls the club they choose "the lamest spot in L.A.," making Sarah lose her cool. And when Will finds out that Brianna is a stripper, his attitude toward her immediately changes. Earlier, he saw her as the total package. Now he's disgusted by her and can't even look her in the face.

    The next morning, Greg tries to redeem himself by making breakfast for everyone. Kimberly thinks maybe she and the other roomies got a bad first impression or just don't know how to read him yet. This leads to Brianna and Will talking about their first impressions of each other. Will admits that while he was attracted to Brianna at first, he lost all respect for her when he learned she was a stripper. Brianna insists that she came to Hollywood to put stripping in the past. Will decides to give her another chance, ending the conversation by asking her for a lap dance. Boys will be boys.

    Brianna's fresh start has barely gotten off the ground when she gets a phone call informing her there's a warrant out for her arrest. She reveals that before she came to Hollywood, she was arrested for "simple assault and harassment" after an argument with her ex-boyfriend, Bobby. Brianna learns she has 30 days to return to Philadelphia for her arraignment or she'll end up in jail. Could her Hollywood dream come to an end before it even starts?

    Kim and Sarah overhear Brianna arguing on the phone with her ex. Brianna becomes furious when Bobby grills her about whether she's hooked up with anyone yet and she slams the phone down. The other girls are shocked and scared by Brianna's quick temper. When they question Brianna, she explains how a previous fight between her and Bobby led to her punching him in the face.

    Hoping to relieve the tension, The Real Worlders get ready to go out for the night. While everyone is joking around, Sarah announces that she doesn't want her gum anymore and sticks out her tongue. Will happily takes her gum -- with his mouth. And, according to his calculations, it qualifies as a kiss.

    As the roomies head out, Sarah realizes she forgot her purse and has to go back into the house. Will takes advantage of the situation and goes back inside with her. He admits to having "a kindergarten crush" on her, and Sarah confides that she makes bad decisions when she parties. After getting flirty in the confessional, Sarah and Will go into one of the bedrooms and close the door.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the gang hits a club. But, once again, Greg takes one look at the place, says he's bored and peaces out. Later, as the roommates start straggling back to the house, Sarah sneaks out of Will's room.

    Back at the house, Greg is still giving attitude, calling Joey a "weirdo" because he's wearing a tank top in the hot tub. Annoyed, Joey threatens Greg and storms off. When Brianna confronts Greg and tells him he's rubbing people the wrong way, he brushes her off. He refuses to apologize and says he will no longer speak to anyone who doesn't like him.

    With Greg hanging out by himself, the rest of the roomies crowd into the confessional to bash him. He overhears them and runs off to call his mom. While talking to mommy, Greg composes himself, saying he doesn't care about the rest of the "peasants" in the house because he's perfect and doesn't need to change.

    Things finally start to wind down for the night. Brianna and Joey have a heart-to-heart about Brianna's ex while Kimberly and Dave get cuddly on the couch. As the guys and girls pair off for the night, it looks like Greg is the odd man out. He's left shooting some hoops all alone.