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The Real World D.C. Reunion

The Real World cast get together for the first time since they moved out of the house.

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The D.C. housemates reflect on how they have grown from living in the Real World house.

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Watch this week's uncensored clips.

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  1. Ashley, Callie, Ty and Josh discuss Mike's political future and Emily's gift for words.

  2. Emily, Mike and Erika offer advice to the next cast of the 'Real World.'

  3. The D.C. roomies air their dirty laundry about their time in the Real World house.

  1. Find out how you can be considered for a spot in the Real World House.

  2. Get to know the new batch of Challengers who will be on The Challenge: Fresh Meat II.

  3. As the roommates prepare to leave DC Callie organizes an art show to showcase some of the housemates work.

Songs from the show

    1. We Were Pirates  ‘Don't Forget'

    1. Attention  ‘You Can't Stop Me'

    1. AM  ‘New Road (ft. Meiko)'

    1. Salme Dahlstrom  ‘Reality Check'

    1. fun.  ‘I Wanna Be The One'

    1. Quiet Company  ‘On Modern Men'

    1. Goodnight Sunrise  ‘Wouldn't Change A Thing'

    1. Early States  ‘When You Go'

About Real World XXIII: Washington DC

  1. With high hopes and expectations, eight new roommates come to our nation's capital for the 23rd season of The Real World, each pursuing their own passions and goals whether it be music or photography, political cartooning, or campaigning for Human Rights -- while enjoying DC's exuberant and diverse nightlife. Swept up in the excitement of the new administration to serve and impact change, the roommates experience their own personal growth and life changes: a small town Texas girl realizes her dream; the jokester of the house has to get serious when it comes to love; a dysfunctional romance threatens to divide the house; and a young man learns that coming out is not only a personal choice but a political one as well.

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