Songs from the show

    1. Hey Young Believers  ‘Alice In Wonderland'

    1. Scott Hardkiss  ‘Come On, Come On'

    1. Corey Crowder  ‘Bring It On Back'

    1. Shannon Corey  ‘Overdue'

    1. Delaney Gibson  ‘La Di Da'

    1. Breathe Electric  ‘Let Go'

    1. Brightwood  ‘Sound The Alarm'

    1. Hey Young Believers  ‘Don't Look Down'

    1. Gas Station Robber  ‘Cigarette'

    1. Hollis Brown  ‘Walk On Water'

    1. Marching Band  ‘For Your Love'

    1. Miranda Lee Richards  ‘Early November'

    1. The Ivy Walls  ‘Down On The Blvd'

    1. Car Stereo Wars  ‘Radio Edit'

    1. Brightwood  ‘Conversations With Stars'

    1. Ian Axel  ‘Gone'