Songs from the show

    1. Alexis Babini  ‘My Direction'

    1. Hyper Crush  ‘Boom Box'

    1. The American Dollar  ‘Dea1'

    1. The Twin Atlas  ‘Open Night'

    1. Quiet Company  ‘It's Better To Spend Money Like There's No Tomorrow'

    1. Distrails  ‘Always'

    1. Jon Asher  ‘Broken'

    1. Caitlin Crosby  ‘Love Love Love'

    1. The May Fire  ‘Love Letter'

    1. Helen Austin  ‘I'm The Best Thing'

    1. We Were Pirates  ‘Settle Down'

    1. Brian Bergeron  ‘The Restless Release'

    1. Speak  ‘You Know As Well'

    1. Scott Hardkiss  ‘Star Power'

    1. Alexis Babini  ‘Take It From Me'

    1. Yours Til Death  ‘Wake Up'

    1. Action Painters  ‘Super Market'

    1. Ryan Donn  ‘In This Life'

    1. Brandon Rogers  ‘Out of Style'

    1. Ryan Donn  ‘There For You'

    1. Brandon Rogers  ‘Joy'

    1. Loquat  ‘In My Sleep'

    1. The Ivy Walls  ‘Message From Angela'