Songs from the show

    1. Faunts  ‘Das Male Fitz'

    1. Gary Numan  ‘Bleed'

    1. Elokwent  ‘Slow Flow'

    1. Gills And Wings  ‘Rebirth Of A Nation'

    1. Scott Hardkiss  ‘The Underwater Ball'

    1. Hip Hop Party League  ‘We 'Bout To'

    1. Dreams Of University  ‘Yellow Sunglasses Mag Mix'

    1. Scott Hardkiss  ‘Technicolor Dream'

    1. Datarock  ‘In The Red'

    1. Elokwent  ‘True Life'

    1. Gills And Wings  ‘Catastrophe'

    1. Dreams Of University  ‘6:45'

    1. Elokwent  ‘Keys Please'

    1. Glorious Monster  ‘I Will Always Be With You'

    1. Go Periscope  ‘Emily'

    1. Barrett Johnson  ‘Portraits'