Songs from the show

    1. Lady Danville  ‘Cast Away'

    1. Stars Go Dim  ‘Love Gone Mad'

    1. Halos  ‘Never, Neverland'

    1. Kari Kimmel  ‘One Day You'll Be Fine'

    1. Tiny Animals  ‘Avalanche'

    1. Jerry Fuentes  ‘Blinding Light'

    1. The Little Heroes  ‘Common Ground'

    1. Lavs  ‘Tonight'

    1. Austin Hartley-Leonard  ‘Heroes'

    1. Datarock  ‘The Pretender'

    1. L-Precise  ‘Life'

    1. Blaze3one4  ‘If I Wasn't Me'

    1. Lavs  ‘Intro'

    1. Lindsay Rae Spurlock  ‘November'

    1. Lovers and Liars  ‘Hole'

    1. Shy Talkers  ‘Now That It's Over'

    1. Run From Cover  ‘I'll See You There'

    1. Tiny Animals  ‘Denver'