Songs from the show

    1. Vanessa Peters and Ice Cream On Mondays  ‘Love Story'

    1. Quebec Antique  ‘10,000 Chances'

    1. Lorien  ‘Make The Deadeye Miss'

    1. Sunday Runners  ‘Bravest Coward'

    1. Brothers At Sea  ‘Your Broken Bones'

    1. Steve Moakler  ‘Stay Away From Me'

    1. Burn The Drama  ‘The Anger and the Ego'

    1. Spring Tigers  ‘New Improved Formula'

    1. B.R.A.M.  ‘Last Dance'

    1. Aviette  ‘I Quit You Win'

    1. Charly  ‘Sleeping Alone'

    1. Aviette  ‘What You Want Me To Say'

    1. Paper Arrows  ‘Things We Would Rather Lose'