Songs from the show

    1. Amy Kuney  ‘Love Is Trippy'

    1. Ian Axel  ‘Pacific Sun'

    1. Othello And DJ Vajra  ‘Go!'

    1. May K  ‘Caitlin Crosby'

    1. Caitlin Crosby  ‘Still Have My Heart'

    1. Glycerin  ‘Andi's Song'

    1. Canoe  ‘Olympia, My Daughter'

    1. Gritch  ‘In The Meantime'

    1. Gritch  ‘This Night'

    1. Helen Austin  ‘One Eye On The Door'

    1. Lorien  ‘Make The Deadeye Miss'

    1. Glycerin  ‘Blind Spot'

    1. Autovaughn  ‘The Cycles'

    1. Miles Fisher  ‘What We Know'

    1. Charly  ‘Get Up!'

    1. Amy Kuney  ‘Thank You For Last Night'

    1. Caitlin Crosby  ‘Today'

    1. Amy Kuney  ‘Rocket Surgery'

    1. Andrew Belle  ‘In Your Sleep'

    1. Datarock  ‘Dance!'

    1. Steed Lord  ‘Try Me'

    1. Learning Music  ‘Contagious'

    1. Paper Plane Pilot  ‘Sending Messages'

    1. The Gay Blades  ‘Robots Can F**k Your Sh** Up'

    1. See The World  ‘Losing To Win'

    1. Quebec Antique  ‘The Sounds'

    1. Andrew Belle  ‘Signs of Life'

    1. Paper Plane Pilot  ‘Misunderstood'