Songs from the show

    1. William Tell  ‘Hauling Oats'

    1. The Kinetiks  ‘Bite The Bullet'

    1. Amy Kuney  ‘Simple Things'

    1. Itamar Ziegler  ‘In Motions PreMix'

    1. The Rocketboys  ‘Endings'

    1. Black Gold  ‘After The Flood'

    1. The Twin Atlas  ‘Goodlight'

    1. Spout  ‘Dead Or Dying'

    1. The Frail  ‘Seconds'

    1. Muck And The Mires  ‘Doreen'

    1. Danny Echo  ‘You're Finally Getting To Me'

    1. Black Gold  ‘Break Down'

    1. Frank Bell  ‘Nothing Lasts Fourever'

    1. Greg Neufeld  ‘Arrival Gate'

    1. Codaphonic  ‘A Lot Like Me'

    1. Swimming With Dolphins  ‘Pajama Party'

    1. John Garrison  ‘Let's Run'

    1. The 71's  ‘Ready For You'

    1. The Cab  ‘Take My Hand'

    1. Eye Alaska  ‘Walk Like A Gentleman'

    1. Lee Hester  ‘Radius'

    1. Ace Enders  ‘SOS'

    1. Channel Theory  ‘The Next Version Of You'

    1. Joel Jorgensen  ‘Angel'

    1. Cori Yarckin  ‘Sucks To Be You'

    1. Loquat  ‘Harder Hit'

    1. Brightwood  ‘Vis Major'

    1. Wylde Bunch  ‘Gyrls Lyke'

    1. The AB Theory  ‘Fatal Flaw Attractions'

    1. Shnarler  ‘Shock'

    1. Paper Plane Pilot  ‘Leave It To Mee'