Songs from the show

    1. Daz I Kue And Soul Parlor Present Stan Steam  ‘C' Mon Rock'

    1. Josh Grondin  ‘Greater Heart'

    1. Speak  ‘You Know As Well'

    1. Gabriel Mann  ‘Flying'

    1. Ex Norwegian  ‘All Over Again'

    1. Black Gold  ‘After The Flood'

    1. Shy For Shy  ‘Olivia'

    1. Andy Conrad  ‘In/On The Corner'

    1. Anthony Salari  ‘Steal Another Face'

    1. Gabriel Mann  ‘Down Down Down'

    1. Andy Conrad  ‘I've Gone Electric'

    1. Lindsay Katt  ‘What Do We Know'

    1. Matt Stansberry  ‘Love Struck'

    1. Andy Conrad  ‘We Gotta Get Out More Baby'

    1. Codaphonic  ‘A Lot Like Me'

    1. Ian Axel  ‘Girl I Got A Thing'

    1. Andy Conrad  ‘Be A Light'

    1. Knock 'Em Alive  ‘Golden Bulletproof Parachute'

    1. The Lulu's  ‘Chaos'

    1. Microburst  ‘Fallen Hero'

    1. Lorien  ‘Let It Go'

    1. Microburst  ‘Drenched'

    1. Andy Conrad  ‘Fill Yer Cup'

    1. AutoVaughn  ‘Missing Something'