Songs from the show

    1. JJ Appleton  ‘Caledonia Road'

    1. Chris August  ‘The Campfire Song'

    1. Go Periscope  ‘Emily'

    1. The Audition  ‘My Temperature's Rising'

    1. Clea Roddick  ‘Rocks and Weeds'

    1. Approaching Nirvana  ‘These Walls'

    1. Car Stereo Wars  ‘Alone'

    1. Fight Like Apes  ‘Lend Me Your Face'

    1. Anthony Salari  ‘Steal Another Face'

    1. Alex Mercier  ‘X's and O's'

    1. Datarock  ‘Give It Up'

    1. TX/RX  ‘Divided'

    1. Mayda  ‘The Perfect Mess'

    1. Olin and the Moon  ‘Records'

    1. Civalias  ‘We've Got Company'

    1. AM  ‘Live A Lie'

    1. Jamestown Story  ‘Futile Road'

    1. The Sweet Remains  ‘Both Your Hands'

    1. Mog  ‘Sleeping Beauty'