Songs from the show

    1. The Twin Atlas  ‘Never Disappear'

    1. The Twin Atlas  ‘Walk Thoughts'

    1. Mikey Wax  ‘In Case I Go Again'

    1. Ryan Frisinger  ‘Honest Man'

    1. Chris August  ‘Stranger'

    1. Electric Valentine  ‘Body to Body'

    1. Call The Cops  ‘Get Close'

    1. Milktooth  ‘Sovereignty'

    1. YACHT  ‘Psychic City'

    1. Canoe  ‘The Continental Divide'

    1. William Tell  ‘Gone Gone Gone'

    1. Parallax  ‘Summertime'

    1. Nightwaves  ‘Waiting In The Sand'

    1. Podington Bear  ‘Floating Up From The Cubicle'

    1. Miss Fairchild  ‘Kept Woman'

    1. Olin And The Moon  ‘Call Me Up'

    1. Podington Bear  ‘Moodwwing'

    1. Matt Shwachman  ‘Taking It All In Stride'

    1. Vienna Psychoanalytic Society  ‘Do You Know Who I Am?'

    1. Milktooth  ‘Diviner's Mouth'

    1. Go Periscope  ‘Emily'

    1. The Worsties  ‘Kitty Litter'