Songs from the show

    1. Magnetic Fields  ‘Washington DC'

    1. Richey Lam  ‘Generation I'

    1. TV/TV  ‘Good Cop Bad Cop'

    1. Sleepwalk, A Robot  ‘Vita Sine Solum'

    1. Colour Academy  ‘Through Telescopes'

    1. Tim Miller  ‘Four Leaf Clover'

    1. Pailboy  ‘Funhouse'

    1. Ex Norwegian  ‘Fresh Pit'

    1. Jim Hanft  ‘Down'

    1. Pailboy  ‘Bully Bully'

    1. Goodnight Sunrise  ‘Trophy Girls'

    1. Chris Assaad  ‘Up To God'

    1. The Beatards  ‘Gangsta 4 Life'

    1. The Beatards  ‘Honey'

    1. Tiny Animals  ‘Useless'

    1. Meeting of Important People  ‘Pretzel Rod Blues'

    1. The Little Heroes  ‘On Your Way'

    1. Richey Lam  ‘Clap Your Hands'

    1. Vibrolux  ‘Turn On'

    1. Phantods  ‘Lone Highway'

    1. Itamar Ziegler  ‘War!'

    1. Spirit Catcher  ‘Breezy Operator'

    1. A Skylit Drive  ‘Worlds End In Whispers Not Bangs'

    1. Karma  ‘And And And'

    1. Sparks The Rescue  ‘Hello Mexico'