About The Show

Blue skies. Beautiful bodies. Glamorous parties. Famous faces. Hollywood has it all. Every year, thousands of strangers move to Hollywood in search of making their dreams come true. And that's exactly why it's the perfect place for the landmark 20th season of The Real World. Yes, this is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped. Welcome to Hollywood! Season 20 of The Real World brings together seven unique personalities from all walks of life who are reaching for a common goal -- achieving fame and fortune in Hollywood. So, this time around, instead of all the roommates working one job, they will each pursue their own dreams -- which run the gamut from acting to singing to modeling to journalism. But do any of them actually have what it takes to make it? And, more importantly, can they stay focused on catching their big break? Just like everyone else who arrives in Hollywood with ambitious dreams, these Real World roommates are hoping to open as many doors as possible and be discovered. But when they stop being polite and start getting real, they wind up opening up to each other, discovering themselves and going down paths they never dreamed of. Let the drama begin! When these Real Worlders come together, first impressions are everything -- some will hit it off while others will be given the cold shoulder. But no matter how it unfolds, there's definitely going to be plenty of eye-popping antics, ferocious fights and hot hookups. Yes, The Real World: Hollywood promises to be the most emotional, exciting and entertaining season yet!

And, in a Real World first, MTV put the power of casting into the viewers' hands, allowing one roommate to be handpicked by fans! With almost 3 million online votes cast, Greg -- aka "PretyBoy" -- beat out some 20,000 wannabe roommates for a coveted bed in the Hollywood house. But will the self-proclaimed "chosen one" live up to the hype or will he be the odd man out?

As these seven strangers' lives intersect, their ideas will be challenged and their true feelings and passions will emerge. Conflicts will erupt, friendships will be forged and love connections will be made. Sometimes they'll stumble. Sometimes they'll fall. But they'll always get back up. This is the true story of the 20th season of The Real World...