About The Show

Sandy beaches. Hard bodies. Bars overflowing with sun-kissed singles looking to mingle. Cancun, Mexico is a Spring Breaker's dream -- and the sexy, south of the border home to our eight newest Real World roomies.

Yep, once again, The Real World will have eight strangers living in a house (or, in this case, a boutique hotel) together. And with temperatures rising and temptation lurking in every corner, it's only a matter of time before these four guys and four girls get acclimated to their sensational new surroundings.

But you can't travel very far without baggage -- and all of the Cancun housemates are coming into this experience with more than just the clothes on their backs. While Jonna, 20, has a boyfriend not-so-patiently waiting back home, Derek, 21, has an ex-boyfriend he can't seem to shake. Meanwhile, Jasmine, 22 has a history of choosing the wrong men and Emilee, 21, has a new found desire for lasting love. Then, there's Joey, 22, who's got a history of hitting the bottle, Bronne, 21, who's maybe a little bit TOO uninhibited, and C.J., 24, whose religious roots clash with his enlarged ego and over-the-top sex drive. And rounding out the cast is Ayiiia, 21, the online contest winner (like Gregg, from Real World: Hollywood), who's moving into her Mexican digs with a realworldcasting.com sized chip on her shoulder.

Together, the eight roommates will be combining business with pleasure when they team up with StudentCity.com to help provide college kids with the spring break trip of a lifetime. But living in paradise isn't always as easy as it sounds.

In a city where excess reigns supreme, the true test for the Real World: Cancun housemates will be learning to separate work from play. And when the lines (and vision) inevitably start to blur, expect to see tempers flare, sparks fly, boundaries crossed, new friendships forged and old relationships tested, all against the beautiful backdrop of the Caribbean shores.

The new season of The Real World kicks off Wednesday, June 24th at 10:00pm. Don't forget your passport.