• KinjazCast Member

    Mike Song, 28Anthony Lee, 28Ben Chung, 33Darren Wong, 26Michael Lor, 28Steven Lor, 28Pat Cruz, 28Vinh Nguyen, 26The Kinjaz are a brotherhood of crusaders (comprised of former team leaders and industry professionals who used to compete against each other) on a quest to fearlessly explore the depths of their artistic purpose. With members hailing from Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, the Kinjaz were founded in 2010 by Mike Song, who is a former member of Kaba Modern (ABDC season one,) and Anthony Lee, a member of the LXD. The crew also includes Ben Chung, an original member of Jabbawockeez, (ABDC season one.) With over 30 total members, including individuals who specialize in other skills besides dance, they like to consider themselves an "Artist's Fraternity,” and are known for their signature intricate choreography style and creative storytelling through dance and new media. Their shared objective is to cultivate their brotherhood at all costs, achieve the meaningful aspirations of each brother, and to positively impact the world with their time and talents. Individually the members have danced on/with the Ellen DeGeneres show, Step Up Revolution, Red Bull BC One Guest Performers, Microsoft, Virgin America, BLAZE World Tour, The LXD, Jennifer Lopez, Jabbawockeez Mus-I-C Show, Nickelodeon Halo Awards, Gatorade, and Coca-Cola, just to name a few! With their charming good looks, and even more charming personalities, Kinjaz are ready to battle the champions!

  • Quest CrewCast Member
    Quest Crew

    Hok (31)Ryanimay (30)D-trix (29)Steve (31)Feng (32)Hirano (33)Ru (24)Jolee (28)Since winning season three of America’s Best Dance Crew, Quest has entertained their way into the homes and hearts of America. Additionally, when ABDC, season three aired abroad, their popularity set them on course for appearances in Europe, Asia, and Australia, and they continue to be amazed and thankful for their ever supportive and loyal fans. Recent appearances include the 2015 Opening Act- UK’s Sunday night at the Palladium, Featured performers with LFMAO on the Sorry for Party Rocking World Tour, 2012 Super Bowl Half Time show, Dick Clark’s New Years Rocking Eve, 2010 NBA All-Star Game halftime with Usher, featured performers on Disney’s Shake it Up, and multiple music videos including both choreography and performance for artists such as LMFAO, Snoop Dogg, Pit Bull, and Far East Movement. Quest Crew is a family of close friends with a common love for dance and the arts. Accomplished dancers, each with their own specialty and style, they bring to the stage a great mix of humor, musicality, high-flying and eye-popping tricks, innovative choreography, and personality that consistently brings audiences to their feet.

  • Super Cr3wCast Member
    Super Cr3w

    Jon "Do-Knock" Cruz, 32Ronnie "Ronnieboy" Abaldonado, 32Abenamar "Ben" Honrubia, 31Michael "Mike Murda" Carrasco, 32Steve "NaSteve" Corral, 30Fabiano "Neguin" Lopes, 27Gibrahimer "Little G" Tovar, 24Super Crew is comprised of the best of the best of three well-known b-boy crews—Battle Monkees, Full Force, and Knucklehead Zoo. First spawning from a chemistry of battling both with and against each other in the bboy scene, a camaraderie of friendship developed, and Super Cr3w was formed as a catalyst for the three crews to join forces. Their talent is unquestionable and their abilities are endless. Since appearing on ABDC the crew has opened three dance studios including one in Las Vegas. In addition the boys can be seen in movies such as Battle of The Year, Planet Bboy, Meet the Spartans, You Got Served, and Honey 2. The boys have also appeared in music videos and toured with Fergie, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Sean Paul, Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney and Missy Elliott, performed and taught at the first White House Dance Series hosted by Michelle Obama, and are a part of the principal cast of the “MUS.I.C” show at the Monte Carlo and “PRISM” at the Luxor Hotel alongside their fellow crew, the Jabbawockeez. Individually, the bboys have been living their lives to the fullest; Mike Murda has moved to LA after a few years of being in Las Vegas and now works as a DJ when he is not dancing, and Ben has two adorable boys. However, lucky for their fans, these boys are ready to put their personal endeavors aside, and once again unite to bring everything they have back to the ABDC stage.

  • We Are HeroesCast Member
    We Are Heroes

    Hiroka "Hero" Mcrae (30)Riquel "Riqdiculous Licky" Olander (27)Mami Kabemitsu (31)Sarah Vongillern (31)Ebonee L'Triece (26)Marie Bonnevay (28)Airi Yoshihama (34)e Are Heroes, the first and only all-female crew to win ABDC, believe it is their destiny to have formed this crew in order to make all of their dreams come true. We Are Heroes is not just a name to these ladies- it is a powerful title that they can own up to, and they would like to think their public exposure has made them “heroes” to many people across the globe. The crewmembers wish to play a positive and challenging role not only for themselves, but for other dancers and artists as they continue to take chances, know their foundations, and create a dance style that is new to the public eye. After winning season four the girls had a whirlwind of appearances and performances around the world. They appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show three times, were featured Oprah, performed with artists such as Rihanna, and Justin Bieber, and for corporations such as Toshiba, Nike, and Disney. In the past couple of years the group has gone their separate ways, pursuing individual dance careers in different facets, however once the girls heard about the show returning they were ecstatic to get the crew back together, and are coming for the other crews with an arsenal loaded with both new members and new tricks.

  • i.aM.mECast Member

    Philip Chbeeb, 25Emilio Dosal, 23Di Zhang, 31Brandon Harrell, 27Liza Riabinina, 19Tamara Rapp, 20Jean "Bebo" Carlos Lloret, 29Scarlett Nabil, 27Bringing an intricate style of tutting that has never been seen at this particular level, I.aM.mE tries to set up optical illusions within the pictures they make so the viewer has to hit the replay button again and again. They refer to their style as “brain banging”- a series of connections and large scale visuals that create shapes and puzzles with the human body, which has proven to be a lasting hit with fans across the globe. After winning the title of America’s Best Dance Crew on season six, I.aM.mE focused on taking the Brain Bang style worldwide and spreading the knowledge that they gained to the next generation of young dancers. Both individually and as a team, many doors have opened for them since their victory, and they love bringing their creativity to other competitions, showcases, corporate events, and YouTube videos. On a professional level, the crewmembers can been seen in Step Up 4, as well as music videos for Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and LMFAO. Additionally the opportunity to work for companies and artists such as Cirque Du Soleil, Honda, BMW, The LXD, Skrillex, and LMFAO has also taken the crew’s confidence and showmanship to another level. Armed with four new, talented members, I.aM.mE is excited to show how far the Brain Bang style has come in only a few years time, and ready to once again take on the competition.